How to Make Mosaic Tiles for the Garden

How to Make Mosaic Tiles for the Garden: Decorate your garden in an original, colorful, and economical way. Suppose you want to decorate your garden with paths in a colorful and original way. In that case, mosaicism is an ideal option that will allow you to display all your creativity and, at the same time, reuse small pieces of ceramics that have broken down.

How to Make Mosaic Tiles for the Garden

In this way, you can create a piece with your own design and, in addition, do it in a very practical, economical way and without requiring any particular knowledge

Mosaic Tiles

In this note, you will learn how to make garden tiles using a silicone cake mold. Go ahead and decorate your outdoor space with the color and design that you like!


  • Silicone cake mold
  • Adhesive plastic fiber (contact paper or contact)
  • Ceramic or colored pieces
  • Cement and sand
  • Varnish
  • Clamp
  • Wire mesh or metal mesh
  • Gloves
  • Mixing paddle and shovel
  • Water
  • Pencil
  • Lija


  1. Get the ceramic pieces you’ll need for your tiles. You can use different sizes and colors, and even if you need them, cut them very carefully with the help of tweezers or a hammer. The more variety, the more original your piece will be! 
  2. Place the cake mold on the contact paper and mark it with a pencil. 
  3. Cut the circle that you have outlined. Remove the cover and place it inside the mold, taking care that the adhesive part is facing up. 
  4. Layout the mosaic pieces on the contact paper. When doing so, keep in mind that the design will be on the opposite side (since you will then turn the piece over). Unfold all your creativity in the design! As you place the pieces, press them down to be firmly attached to the paper. If you want to see how your design looks, carefully lift the contact paper. If you do not like it, change it before adding the cement mix.  Note: try to leave enough space between the pieces so that the cement can cover the spaces in the middle.
  5. Make the cement mixed with a measure of it, two of sand and water to achieve the consistency of a paste. 
  6. Cut a square piece of metal mesh with a pair of tweezers, then place it inside the tile to provide support. Add petroleum jelly at the edges of the mold to later remove the piece more easily.
  7. Put on gloves and spoon some of the mixtures into the mold. Spread it evenly, covering all your design but not filling it completely. 
  8. Place the piece of wire mesh over the wet cement. Add another layer to the wire.
  9. Let rest for two days. Then, turn it over. Must be able to withdraw quickly. Remove the contact paper carefully. You can use sandpaper to soften the cement grooves and, after cleaning, varnish. 

Create your path as you like and give your garden color, life, and creativity!