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Columbus Day History – Celebration of Columbus Day History

Columbus Day History:  Columbus Day-A day for the discovery of a new world. Curiosity gives birth to Discovery. Books and history says that Columbus discovered America. In this Article You will learn about History Behind Columbus Day.

Columbus Day History
Columbus Day History

Columbus Day History

In the perspective of the October events in the Big Apple, after having told them about the New York Comic Con , we could not stop talking about Columbus Day, a very important festival in the United States. They have heard it, but do not they know exactly what it is about and why it is celebrated? Or, how is it celebrated? We explain them with this article.

What exactly is Columbus Day about? – Columbus Day History

As you can imagine by the name, the Columbus Day was born as a celebration of the discovery of America by the famous Italian navigator Christopher Columbus, which took place in 1492.

However, the celebration of this event began only in the fall of 1905: in fact, it was the state of Colorado that declared Columbus Day as a national holiday and only until 1937 became a national holiday in all the American soil.

Since then, each state celebrates the day in its own way, although usually the main celebrations take place in New York.

When does Columbus Day fall? – Columbus Day History

Tradition dictates that Columbus Day is celebrated every second Monday in October: then, this year it will fall on October 9 while in 2018, it will be on October 8.

And how does New York celebrate? – Columbus Day History

And the Big Apple how do you celebrate this party?  To begin, if you intend to send a package through the US postal service or plan to go to a bank, we advise you not to do so, as being the Columbus Day a federal holiday, many companies allow their employees to stay at home all the day.

New York City, in general, celebrates the day of Christopher Columbus with two important activities:

  • The most important of all is the parade that unfolds during the morning along Fifth Avenue. It is a parade of floats that usually comprises from 44th Street to 72nd Street, passing through Columbus Circle. During the parade, a wreath of flowers is placed near the statue dedicated to the Genoese navigator;
  • gala dinner that, by tradition, should be held inside the Waldorf Astoria (301 Park Avenue), but that, being in remodeling, will not be able to host the event. Participation is open to anyone willing to buy  a ticket  for the celebration.

Then, surely it will not be a day to dedicate to shopping on Fifth Avenue, but it must be used to see the parade that is among the most famous in the world, and perhaps take a stroll through St. Patrick’s Cathedral, to attend to the mass celebrated for the occasion.


  • Canada celebrates Columbus Day with its Thanksgiving, as the dates coincide.
  • The historical date of the discovery of America (October 14, 1492) is very close to that of the founding of the United States Navy (October 13, 1775), so both the Navy and the Marins can take a license to 72 up to 96 hours to be able to return home and reunite with your loved ones and celebrate this festivity.
  • Not all offices and / or banks close during Columbus Day: it depends on the administration.
  • Some American states have removed the Columbus Day as a national holiday, since it recalls the massacre of the people of the red skin. Others, on the other hand, will celebrate the “Red Skin Day” just to remember what happened. Just think that 40% of people celebrate this “version” of Columbus Day and according to recent surveys, only 57% of Americans believe that the day of Christopher Columbus should be a holiday that should be observed.
  • It is thanks to Christopher Columbus that Europe knows cocoa.

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