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Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Highlights – Champions League 2018-19 – Match Analysis | England Goes Mad With Messi

It was exhibited and knocked down Tottenham with two goals and one assist. Also scored Coutinho and Rakitic. Kane gave excitement but Barca was superior and frightened their crisis.

Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Highlights: Entered Messi in Wembley and decided that in that stadium was going to give a chair of football. Clinging to a huge Leo that scored two goals, shot twice more at the post and led the team to conquer again the most emblematic stadium for Barca in Europe, Barca returned to excellence winning 2-4.

Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Highlights

From the first training with the full squad, the rumor was running through the Ciutat Esportiva that Arthur was an indispensable player for the team’s game. Every time the heavyweights of the team, Suárez, and Messi, for example, had the opportunity, they praised the Brazilian saying that he was the player who had surprised them the most. However, he did not quite convince the coach to win a starting place in the starting lineup.

In Wembley, Valverde gave the Brazilian the tackles and Barcelona climbed the Delorean and returned to the future offering a more than recognizable performance. With Arthur in the field, the pause, control, and long possessions returned. And if we add an ultra-motivated Messi with a ball, without a ball, attacking, defending and constantly correcting his teammates on the pitch as if he were a base.

He was very facing the match to Barcelona to the minute and a half of game when Messi enabled Alba in the play as no one just know how to defend and less Lloris, than in the first action in which he intervened in a game after One and a half months in the dry dock went for grapes and allowed the left side of Barcelona to assist Coutinho, who among a forest of Tottenham defenders trying to cover a frame without goalkeeper adjusted the ball to the post to score the 0-1 .

He tried to react the English set more based on claw, and fouls, many fouls, than talent. The game, at times, ran over Rakitic, who was the midfielder who lost most balls in the first half. However, in another play created by Messi connecting with Coutinho the Croatian reappeared in the match in style with a great goal of the volley.

The Spurs accused the blow of the 0-2 and Suarez, Coutinho and Messi had options to sentence the duel before the break. He also had his outbursts of pride the local team, which took advantage of the few shortcomings of the back culé, more attentive than in previous occasions (it was not difficult). In one of those doubts, Piqué was about to demarcate a goal in own door, which would have thrown salt in the wound of the last week more than questionable, but Ter Stegen took a prodigious hand before the friendly fire. The Catalan owes a dinner to the German goalkeeper.

Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Score

As soon as he started, Messi showed that he was still in Champions mode firing at the post, five minutes later, in an even better play he again traced the play and the result … to the post again.

The 0-4 was passed in a sigh to 1-2 with a great goal by Harry Kane, the posts returned the Spurs to the game. But nothing and no one can stop the best in the world, who had decided that this game was won and the 56 minutes Leo organized the play, enabled Alba, who returned it and after Suarez feint, Messi settled it adjusted to the post. This time, for the good part. Wembley, who had come upstairs, was speechless again.

The silence lasted 10 minutes, which took Alba and Lenglet to get involved and give Lamela a chat option that touched the French dislodging the German. The Spurs did not give up, but Messi, either. The Argentinean after another recovery of Alba and Suárez sentenced a great game that shows that when Messi gets and plays in Wembley, there is no one who coughs.

Champions League 2018-19 Group B Table

Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Highlights

Wembley Honored for Messi!

The sensational performance of the Barca player left the media stunned: “There were two shows at Wembley, one that gave Barcelona and another, the one that Messi gave”

Leo Messi has given a whole football recital in the triumph of Barcelona against Tottenham at Wembley. The Argentine footballer scored two of the four goals, gave the assistance to Coutinho, finished twice to the wood and was continuously down to the center of the field to receive and generate the FC Barcelona attack. The international media have praised the performance of ’10’ in one of the temples of world football.

Tottenham vs FC Barcelona Highlights

He did everything and everything he did was sensational. Lionel Messi sat chair last night at Wembley, a stadium that is passionate about Barcelona and that turns the Argentine. Two goals, two clubs and a way of playing that is always grateful for the rivals, although they are bitter rivals.

England Goes Mad With Messi: It’s Not the Best, It’s “The Master”

“Messi, The Master, lit up Wembley again and put Tottenham in a dangerous situation of being eliminated prematurely,” says The Guardian on its sports cover. “Every time he touched the ball something good happened,  remarked the midfielder, who never tires of praising the Argentinian: “Messi lowered the Spurs to the ground: he guided Barcelona to victory in a masterclass at Wembley.”

“There were two shows at Wembley, one that gave Barcelona a very good moment and another one, the one that Messi gave to playing something that only he can do,” they praise in The Telegraph. In The Independent, they think that “it’s a pleasure to watch him play, although the Tottenham players will not believe the same,” they say of Messi. “He scored goals, he threw the stick, he ran, he created … he did everything and everything very well,” they continue.

In The ExpressRio Ferdinand, ex-football player of Manchester United and the English national team, among others, spared no good words for his admired player: “He is the best of all those who come out to play in any field of play”.

In Times Sport, they do not hesitate: “When you’re an overly brilliant as Lionel Messi, anything seems possible, even deciding exactly when and how you’re going to hit the ball.” In a game with millions and millions of footballers, the best is still Messi “ And they put the pin on it like this: ” Forget about everything, from the FA (owner of Wembley) and from Shahid Khan (owner of Fulham, who wanted to buy it): Messi is the real owner of Wembley. a master class at Tottenham and together with Pelé and Maradona is the greatest of all time “.

Olé: “Messi Broke It and Barca Smiles”

The Argentine newspaper was limited exclusively to the facts and praised Messi’s ability to resolve the matches: ” The key that closed the door to the heroic illusion of Tottenham had the ’10’ of the Blaugrana, who entered the final to the area and, from the point of the penalty, he liquidated the story: in Spain it is not possible to get away from home, yes.

Independent: “It was a Performance that Was a Privilege to See”

The British midfielder was praised with the ’10’ Blaugrana: “Messi offered two glorious goals, a master class and the general difference in this game.” It was really one of those performances that are a privilege to see and it could well be a privilege with which to compete, even if the Spurs players did not feel like that after the game. (…) Only in the first half hour, Messi had given three passes of such a divinity that would have been the best moments of the race. any other player. ”

Gazzetta: “Messi Put His Personal Stamp on the Victory of Barcelona”

La Gazzetta Dello Sport did not elevate the Argentine’s performance either: “Messi puts his personal stamp on the victory of the Spaniards: the action begins and ends after the second assistance of the afternoon of Alba and the faint of Suarez.” Tottenham fought until the final, but on two occasions Lucas could not overcome the number one of Valverde’s formation. In the 90 ‘, Messi scores 4-2. The visitors celebrate their goal 602 in the 300 games played in the continental competition and begin sniff, along with Inter, the perfume of the last eight.

This Session Performance of Lionel MessiLionel Messi stats

Bild: “Messi Wins at Tottenham”

Bild, briefly, awarded the three points to Messi’s performance: “Barcelona gets its second victory in the second group match, Spanish team superstar Lionel Messi won 4-2 at Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley after a long The Argentine scored two goals. ”

Mirror: “the Magic of Messi Inspires Barcelona to Win in the Wembley Thriller”

The Mirror did focus its information on Messi’s excellent performance: “Tottenham cut differences twice in the second half, but could not find an answer to the brilliance of Messi. (…) Messi was the difference in the thriller They played Tottenham and Barcelona at Wembley, their two touches of magic gave Barca victory. ”

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