5 Ways How to Dress When You Are Overweight

How to Dress When You Are Overweight: The stereotypes of beauty are changing and expiring every day. Each type of body, hair, and face is unique and beautiful in its own way. Some women become overwhelmed when they begin to gain weight.

If something has taught us life and fashion, it is that a woman is more beautiful when she accepts her own body and beauty as she is, demonstrating a good attitude and image towards the world.

Nowadays, stereotypes have been transformed, and that absurd belief that a woman to be considered beautiful has to be extremely thin has been left in the past.

However, not all stores sell oversized clothing, which can be discouraging and frustrating. The key is to locate those stores that do distribute garments in all sizes, including yours. It is important that you know your body and its different forms very well so that you do not make mistakes when selecting clothing items.

5 Ways How to Dress When You Are Overweight?

How to Dress When You Are Overweight

To help you look more beautiful, sensual and to make the most of your curves, we explain 5 ways to get dressed if you are overweight:

1. Pants

Wear high-cut trousers (that reach the waist), with a good fall, and do not squeeze. Adjusted is not the same as tight. While you want to accentuate your curves, it is not attractive or much less comfortable than a pair of trousers suffocating you, and it takes a lot of work to put it on. Avoid pants with large prints; opts rather for solid color pants and the faithful black color.


Also, avoid pants with pockets or very large details and those that are too wide. Always opt for straight cuts, never wide boots, since they will make you look much wider, or tube-type boots, since they will make you look more wide-hipped.

2. Blouses and shirts

Always choose the correct size, the one that best suits you. If you want to wear prints, opt for those delicate and small prints, and accompanied by black trousers or a skirt, to stylize your figure. Look for blouses that reach below the navel to disguise the abdomen a little. Look for feminine garments that make you look sensual without falling into the vulgar.


Dress according to the details you want to conceal, and highlight those you want to accentuate. Avoid bulky or very high necks (booby, bib, and turtleneck), and these create much more volume in the upper part of your body.

3. Dresses

You have to wear grandma dresses, which cover your entire body, not because of being a little plump. The trick is to select a dress of a flattering fabric for your figure, as well as its shape. You can wear short dresses, as long as you feel comfortable and do not show others.


Choose a dress that accentuates your tight but comfortable curves dispense with the baggy dresses that will make you look bigger. Opt for uni-colored dresses or with vertical stripes, never horizontal. Escape the fabrics ‘stretch’ or lycra type, and these tend to accentuate the damage.

Look for dresses with a V-shaped neckline and tight at the waist. This way, you create an ‘hourglass’ shape that greatly stylizes your figure.

4. Skirts


The best choice for you is bell-type or A-cut skirts and pencil-type skirts (tube), which visually reduce the size of your waist and abdomen and accentuate your hips. Avoid the balloon skirts completely since these will make you look more round.

5. Jackets and accessories


The jackets will allow you to hide a lot, as long as they are appropriate. Avoid wearing closed jackets, those that are too big and that have pockets at the height of your bust. The accessories are your best allies to redefine your figure and style. Use thin and unicolor belts to define your waist, and the wide belts shorten you making you look shorter and visually creating a more rounded figure.

Last Word

Avoid the scarves that completely cover your neck and chest, and this creates much more volume in the upper part of your body. And the best accessory that you must carry is your trust and authenticity.

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