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Melania Trump Arrives in Ghana Wearing Celine Dress

Melania Trump Arrives in Ghana Wearing Celine Dress. Especially now that he has just started his first solo diplomatic tour of Africa.

When you have someone as controversial as Donald Trump, it ‘s almost impossible to be noticed. In the absence of a coherent political discourse, the president of the United States knows that his outbursts are almost the only tool he has to direct the conversation about his work at the head of the White House, as he demonstrated yesterday by questioning whether a journalist thinks before speaking just receive an uncomfortable question.

Wearing Celine Dress

Although in his cabinet there are many collaborators who have to deal every day with the errant personality of the tycoon, without a doubt the one who has suffered most from the invisibility syndrome that ravages all those who approach the president is his wife Melania, a that for months was perceived as a simple adornment that accompanied Trump in his public appearances.

Of course, every crisis is a great opportunity. And while many in her place would have resigned themselves to the role that she has had to live, Melania found in clothes the perfect way to always be noticed, even if her husband does not grant her the floor. So much that their care and expensive looks have achieved what seemed impossible: hundreds and hundreds of news stories about the Trump family are written in which the name Donald is only a footnote.

Melania is so aware of the media power of her wardrobe that, for her first solo international tour, she will take her in the coming days to visit Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt; she has bothered to take a suitcase full of impeccable looks on her plane to give the public what she expects from her.

Overall, if that strategy worked for Evita Perón on her famous Rainbow Tour through the Europe of the late 40s to clean her husband’s name, why not her?

Wearing Celine Dress

For the moment, at the first stop of this trip, their stylists have already earned their salary since no one can find anything to criticize the beautiful dress of Céline, valued at almost two thousand euros, with which Melania has landed in Ghana.

There, the first lady was received with honors as soon as she got off the plane at Kotoka airport by Rebecca Akufo-Addo, First Lady of Ghana. As soon as they said hello, a group of students greeted her waving the flags of the country while several groups performed local music.

Wearing Celine Dress

Although it has not been them, a young local, who has starred in the most adorable moment of the day when approaching to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Melania, who has not hesitated to give a hug to his little hostess.

In any case there are still many days ahead to know if this trip of Trump’s wife, which his environment ensures is his own initiative, is a diplomatic success to repair the bad image of the president of the United States outside its borders or, if on the contrary, it simply becomes a very expensive fashion show.

Wearing Celine Dress

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