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Amazon Will Pay $15 Minimum Wage for All US Employees

The salary increase will apply to both full and part-time employees. $15 Minimum Wage for All US Employees

Minimum Wage for All US Employees

Amazon e-commerce giant Amazon announced today that it will raise the minimum wage to all its workers in the US to $ 15 an hour, which will benefit the 250,000 permanent employees in the country, in the face of criticism of the growing inequality of income.

“We listened to our critics, we thought seriously about what we wanted to do, and we decided that we want to lead,” CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

The current minimum wage of its employees is $ 13.70 per hour.

This salary increase will begin on November 1, and will also affect the more than 100.00 temporary employees of the companies.

Amazon said it will also begin to actively lobby Congress for an increase in the federal minimum wage, which has been at $ 7.25 an hour for more than a decade.

Bezos, with an estimated fortune of more than 150,000 million dollars, explained that salaries will also rise in the UK to 10.50 pounds per hour in London and 9.50 pounds in other parts of the country to 17,000 full-time employees and 20,000 to temporary you have there.

The company has become in just a few years one of the most important in the world, and it is the second in the USA. that has reached a stock market value of more than 1 trillion dollars.

Amazon follows in the footsteps of other large US companies that have raised their employees’ compensation in the face of pressures and criticism for not carrying out a greater distribution of their huge profits and growing income inequality in the US.

Another large retail chain, Target, announced in September that it would raise its minimum wage to $ 11 and put it at $ 15 an hour in 2020.

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