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Fashion Trends for Summer – Best Summer Fashion Tips 2020

Fashion Trends for Summer: Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the beach and the sun, excellent excuse to enjoy the beach trends, bohemian and hippie that fashion offers us. The heat will make us dress only with the necessary, but always looking chic.

Fashion Trends for Summer
Fashion Trends for Summer

Currently, almost all fashion trends remind us of the summer, the beach whether you take a vacation to the beach or prefer to rest at home, summer is an incredible opportunity to show off and dress in styled the music festivals of the ’70s. That is why dressing according to that season is not such a difficult task.

Whether you take a vacation to the beach or prefer to rest at home, summer is an incredible opportunity to show off and dress in style. Check out this walking sandals guide to finish off your summer look. That is why below we explain some fashion tips for summer:

  1. Live the color: Do not be afraid of a palette of bright and striking colors, as these are in full swing. The color block is very fashionable, combining blocks of very cheerful and energetic colors that may or may not be the most conventional choice. On the other hand, earth colors have not abandoned the trends of this season. Electric blue, magenta, bright red, lilac, fluorescent green, are some of the colors that you can exploit to the maximum this summer.
  1. Flecos – 70’s – cowboy: It may sound confusing, but the fringes have returned to take over the more rocky tendencies and also of the cowgirls. That bohemian -rocker look from the 70’s, coming out of the music festivals of that time could not be more fashionable. The vests and jackets with fringes, the trivial prints, and even the bell-bottomed pants have come back to stay.
Fashion Trends for Summer
Fashion Trends for Summer
  1. CrochetWoven top and dresses have also returned from the past. Even swimsuits have adopted this style. They dominate in pastel colors and especially in white and allow you to fully exploit your femininity, making you look very delicate. In addition to being extremely fresh and sexy.
  1. Gladiator sandals: They already have a time that they returned, and they have done it to stay. They use the length you prefer, reaching up to the knee, providing a very warrior and feminine look at the same time. From earth colors, black, white, to silver and gold, they are the perfect choice to wear your legs with a skirt or shorts.
  1. The shoulders ask for freedom: And this season they have reached it. The blouses and dresses with bare shoulders have taken over this season. A pretty delicate, feminine and fresh look, that you should definitely have in your closet. Perfect for day or night, sexy and careless at the same time.
  1. Campestre – hippieHeaddresses with flowers for hair have also taken over this summer. Also, maxi dresses and maxi skirts are in full swing, extending the silhouette and making a bohemian look, worthy of the 70’s. Combined (the floral headdresses and the maxi) are perfect, exploiting to the maximum the delicacy and femininity of the woman.
Fashion Trends for Summer
Fashion Trends for Summer
  1. All Denim: The jean is sending, and literally we find it in all the garments. Skirts, pants, jackets, vests, tops, etc. It has taken over this season, giving a classic and youthful air.
  2. Jellyshoes: They have returned directly from the decade of the 90’s. These shoes are extremely comfortable and have adopted almost all colors. From flat heels to flat, they have returned to stay.
  3. Long live the sport! : Some sportswear have also become very fashionable, especially oversize football, basketball and hockey shirts, as well as sports shoes. They have managed to mix the trends, making these essential items for a casual look.
Fashion Trends for Summer
Fashion Trends for Summer
  1. Ethnic: Both clothes and accessories have completely adopted this trend of the 70’s. From earth, red and green combinations that remind us of the arid climate of Africa, to ethnic motifs inspired by indigenous tribes and their beautiful crafts, ethnic prints have become an important place in current fashion.
  2. Marine Fashion: The marine theme was established very strongly today. From the prints with anchors and seahorses to the classic blue and white horizontal lines, the seafaring fashion is perfect for this summer.

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