Brazilian Hair Removal With Pulsed Light

Brazilian Hair Removal With Pulsed Light: In the following article, you will have defined the concept and benefits of the Brazilian Depilation with Pulsed Light. The Brazilian waxing involves partial or total removal of pubic hair. The technique with wax or blades is the two most used. However, the pulsed light method continues to acquire new followers because of its multiple benefits.

Brazilian Hair Removal With Pulsed Light

Brazilian Hair

To perform the pulsed light method, you have to put on a disposable bikini, which the same aesthetic center provides. Once placed, you have to shave off the pubic hair that has been left out of the Brazilian bikini mold you have chosen.

It does not matter if you made marks on the bikini during the shaving since it will be discarded at the end of the session.

In addition to helping the patient with proper shaving, the disposable bikini aims to prevent the passage of light in the area that protects. In this way, the genital area that is protected by the bikini will continue with its normal hair growth. Otherwise, the aerial that surrounds the previously shaved bikini and is reached by this pulsed light will say goodbye to the pubic hair for a long time.

Brazilian hair removal with pulsed light is a method that delays the growth of pubic hair by 90%. In some cases, the delay is up to 100%; pubic hair will not grow again in this patient.

How Many Sessions Do Brazilian Depilation With Pulsed Light Need?

The patients of this treatment require between 10 to 15 sessions. This depends on each organism since each of them will have a different reception of the pulsed light.

Once this treatment is finished, the patient should go to carry out a maintenance session every six months.

In this way, those who chose the method of Brazilian hair removal with pulsed light will observe that the pubic hair will grow 90% slower, and will even stop growing completely.

It is an alternative that has become popular due to the fact that its patients do not re-wax with wax or blades again.

Additional detail is that Brazilian hair removal with pulsed light does not cause pain. Combined with radiofrequency, intense pulsed light is a painless method. In this way, it is an abysmal advantage compared to the traditional laser method.

Finally, the pulsed light method softens the skin in each session and eliminates imperfections such as acne.