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The Story Of Matthias Mende / Sheikh Mende

Matthias Sheikh Mende

There are many successful businessmen around the world. However, a few of them have the ability to predict the future and always stay one step ahead. Matthias Sheikh Mende, is such a businessman who is very sharp and combines business skills with technology to help businesses grow. A good ROI and a Win Situation for his clients, partners and friends is a must.

How It Began

Sheikh mende at early age

Everything and everyone always has a starting point. Mende’s was in Germany, where he was born. He began exploring technology from a young age using a Commodore 64, Nintendo and Sega consoles and eventually, a PC.

As a teenager, he ventured into his first entrepreneurial experiments, selling modified hardware parts on eBay.This later culminated into a business venture called “2fastConcepts”, which was inspired by the Fast and Furious movie.

Mende ran 2fastConcepts as a business that traded car parts. Eventually, he gained enough knowledge about cars and used it to develop a workshop for customizing cars.

At age 21, he saw a video shot by his uncle while he was holidaying in Dubai and instantly decided to ship one of his award-winning customized Mercedes Benz cars to Dubai and probably sell it there.

New Country, New Experiences

Moving the Mercedes to the UAE looked like a good idea but it was very challenging for the young businessman. For starters, it took 2 months due to complications with paperwork and contracts. This led to a lot of losses but eventually, Mende managed to rebuild the company using his extensive marketing skills.

New Opportunities

Even though moving to Dubai in 2017 started off on a low note, this was his land of opportunity. In a short time, Matthias founded and still heads MEMMOS, an out of the box social media agency that helps companies get a foothold in the Emirates’ markets by providing services such as:

  • Brand development
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Brand consulting
  • Digital marketing

MEMMOS also helps forge strategic partnerships between different like-minded companies as well as with powerful governmental authorities so that new business entrants in the UAE market can have an easier time doing business.

The best part of his career is that he was appointed as the Chief Strategist at Block Gemini, which is a blockchain tech development company in the middle east with over 120 employees. Block Gemini recognized Mende’s efforts and devotion towards integrating entrepreneurship and his unique strategic skills with the latest technologies, including blockchain. Matthias opens doors and represents the company around the world.

Seeing as the future in technology will be all about blockchain, Matthias took this position as an opportunity to learn and gain more experience in this relatively new field. This even began to pay off soon enough because, in August 2018, he won the BEST CRYPTO influencer award at a Satoshi United Crypto Conference held in Singapore.

Private Life

Matthias is not all business. He has a private life that is as good as his business life. His businesses and extensive experiences have enabled him to interact and mingle with the high and mighty in both the government and industry. He also likes to travel a lot and in the process, has met world famous people in multiple countries.


Matthias Sheikh Mende showing off Rolls Royce


In conclusion, Matthias Mende or Sheikh Mende can be described as a skilled and experienced entrepreneur in social media marketing and influencing, investment advisories, cryptocurrencies (and their technologies) and does not shy away from trying out new things. He is also a family man and an avid traveler.

More about this businessman can be found on his:

Website- www.sheikhmende.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/sheikhmende

Linkedin- www.linkedin.com/in/sheikhmende

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