How She Reacted When Sophie Turner Met Justin Bieber

You will not believe how Sophie Turner reacted when she met Justin Bieber. Of course, the singer was the idol of his adolescence.

We never know how to react when we meet one of our idols, and more if that idol is what we had during our adolescence. That’s why we’re not at all surprised by what happened to  Sophie Turner when she first met  Justin Bieber.

 Met Justin Bieber

Turner was an unconditional fan of the singer during much of his adolescence. So much so that his mother gave him a cardboard panel in which the figures of Bieber and her were printed. “I cried, I fell down the stairs and I cried,” Turner told The Late Late Show with James Corden this past Wednesday. “I’ve always loved Justin Bieber.”

In the video of the interview, the actress who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones assured that she met Bieber in a rather bizarre way. Her fiance Joe Jonas and she had gone to Miami and a person Turner did not know was showing them his house. A “strange house” on whose top floor was Bieber resting. And yes, if that last part has a strange reading is because Turner does not explain it too well, to the stupefaction of Corden, the other two guests of the program and the rest of the audience.

Sophie Turner Met Justin Bieber

“I went upstairs and he was sitting, shirtless, while they were doing a head massage in a dark room,” recalls Turner, who did not believe and began to get excited because he was about to meet his idol. “So I said, ‘Hey, hello, I’m Sophie, nice to meet you’ and I went into a closet to cry for five minutes, then I came out of the closet, I went with Joe and Justin said, ‘Hey, Joe, I’ve I’ve heard you’ve taken a new girlfriend, ‘and Joe started,’ Yes, yes, he’s there. ‘” Turner’s reaction to being presented officially, as evidenced by the gif that follows, has no waste:

Turner does not remember how Bieber reacted, but he is certain that this is not the first time he sees something similar from another fan. “It can not be the strangest thing they have done to him,” says Turner. As for what Corden thinks of the whole mess: “Of all the things I thought you were going to say you did, that was not one of them.” No doubt, it was not something from a Stark.

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