8 Best Knitting Needle Sets

Best Knitting Needle Sets: Every knitter is an artist! And an artist is as good as his tools. A set of perfect needles is your tool. Some good needles can help you create beautiful projects. But there are many types of best knitting needles. If you are trying out different knitting needles to find what suits you best, just check out our best picks, you will find what you are searching for.

Best Knitting Needle Sets

Our experts have researched, listed their crucial features, talked about the positives and negatives, and described the sets overall. Hope you find this article helpful.

Reviews of the Best Knitting Needle Sets

As you are searching for the best product, you know that it is not that easy. The market is full of different knitting needles to make you confused. Here you will find a list of These best knitting needles set.

Before buying the needles set, please consider your personal preferences and the knitting project you mostly do. Only after this you can pick your favorite needles from the list below. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s read on!

1. Ostart 5 Sets of 15 Sizes 8″

If you are a knitter, you should have some good-quality knitting needle sets to complete your project! Everyone knows this! But it is difficult for someone to choose or collect good quality knitting needle sets. In a particular project, you have to use appropriate needles of a variety of different sizes.


Ostart double pointed carbonized bamboo needles set comes in a variety of 15 different sizes – they are 2.0mm, 2.25mm, 2.75mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm & 10.0mm.

Ostart double-pointed carbonized bamboo needles are made from high-quality of bamboo. All individual needles have the size clearly printed on them.

Each size of Ostart needles consists of 5 needles, and they are 8 inches (20cm) long. These needle sets come in very straight, circulars, lightweight, thin, easily torn, cellophane sleeves, and very good quality.

Ostart needles are reasonably priced, and the darker finish set is perfectly smooth. If you are a knitter, beginner, or expert, you should own these.


  • Carbonized Bamboo needles
  • Double pointed
  • 15 different sizes and 8 inches long
  • Each size consists of 5 needles
  • Quite sturdy and straight
  • Sharp points for smaller sizes


  • Smaller sizes needles don’t have the size clearly printed on it

2. BetyBedy Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles

BetBedy has designed its Knitting Needles according to the US trademark law. BetBedy is one of the top manufacturers and designer brands that holds product quality and provides high-quality services to every customer.

BetyBedy Double Pointed Knitting Needles Set are high-quality bamboo materials. For knitting and crochet lovers, it is a perfect gift.


BetBedy double pointed carbonized bamboo needles set come in a variety of 75 pieces, with 15 different sizes – 2.00/ 2.25/ 2.75/ 3.25/ 3.50/ 3.75/ 4.0/ 4.50/ 5.0/ 5.50/ 6.0/ 6.50/ 8.0/9.0/10.0 mm.

Needles are 8 inches (20cm) long and packed in separate individual bags. The knitting needles sets are perfect for gloves, hats, scarves, socks, mittens, and more.

This needle set comes in a smooth round body, lightweight, very thin, easily torn, cellophane sleeves, and very good are in quality.

Needles are packed in separate individual bags. Are you looking for needles with several variations? BetBedy double-pointed carbonized bamboo needles would be the best choice.


  • Needles are smooth and mildew proof
  • Carbonized bamboo and lightweight needles
  • 75 needles of one set, and each size have 5 needles
  • Clearly labeled on knitting needles
  • Suitable for DIY lovers
  • The best gift for mom, sister, grandma, daughter or friends


  • The Colour of the needles are not the same

3. BetyBedy, Single Pointed Carbonized Knitting Needles

BetBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Knitting Needles are wonderful needles set for any knitting project with various options from the transposable tips and cables. This set of needles is made of strong bamboo. They are smoother, lighter, straight, and easier to handle.


BetBedy single pointed carbonized bamboo knitting needles set is the set of 36 pieces, within a variety of 18 different sizes – 2.00/ 2.25/ 2.50/ 2.75/ 3.00/ 3.25/ 3.50/ 3.75/ 4.00/ 4.50/ 5.00/ 5.50/ 6.00/ 6.50/ 7.00/ 8.00/ 9.00/ 10.00 mm.

BetBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Knitting Needles set has been sun-bleached and carbonized for a soft finish to avoid any irregular edges, and mildew proof is used for the increase of lifetime.

Needles are 9 inches (22.86cm) long. Needles are made with a smooth round body and a bead cap, effectively stopping the leakage needle.

Generally, beginner yarn slips off from metal needles to use these bamboo knitting needles for better production.


  • Single pointed knitting needles
  • High-quality, sturdy bamboo material
  • Bleached and carbonized for a smooth finish
  • Perfect gifts for knitting and crochet lovers
  • Circular and straight
  • Appropriate for DIY lovers


  • Needles are made from bamboo

4. ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Mini

ChiaoGoo is the best choice for a crafty woman! ChiaoGoo’s Twist Mini Interchangeable set is a set of 5 pairs of surgical-grade stainless steel needles.image

Size of the needles are US 000 to US 1.5 (1.5mm/ 1.75mm/ 2mm/ 2.25mm/2.5mm). ChiaoGoo’s interchangeable and circular needle sets are smooth, shiny, and dreamy, like the magnificently crafted stainless steel lace needles.

They are engineered brilliantly, and the joining points of needles and cables are so smooth and strong. The length of circular mini twist red cables is 40″ (100cm), 32″ (80cm), and 24″ (60cm).

ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Mini set also contains 2 Mini cord keys, 2 Mini end stoppers, 6 stitch markers, 2 Mini cable connectors, 1 needle gauge, and 1 rubber gripper.

All of these are packaged in a nice black mini pouch. ChiaoGoo interchangeable knitting needle systems are so helpful for your knitting project. The five-inch needles fit in hands really nicely.

And the red cables don’t twist or curl up. These minis make knitting with fine yarn smooth and faster. If you are looking for knitting needles, set you can choose ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Mini Set.


  • 5 pairs of surgical-grade stainless steel needles
  • 3 Mini Twist red cables
  • Mini cable connectors
  • Mini end stoppers
  • Mini cord keys
  • Additional Accessories and Mini Pouch


  • The Colour of the mini pouch is black

5. CJESLNA Double Pointed Knitting Needle

Bamboo is a traditional material for knitting needles. CJESLNA Double Pointed Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles are made from high-quality of bamboo.

These are also lightweight and quiet. It gives you a certain “warm” feeling in your hands and builds up a beautiful patina over time. CJESLNA circular needles were such a pleasure to use.


So, these double-pointed knitting needles were simply the best for a few years. The length of these needles is 6″(15cm), which really fits in hands nicely. CJESLNA Double Pointed Knitting Needle comes in 15 different sizes.

According to bigger to smaller the sizes are – 10.0 mm/ 9.0 mm/ 8.0 mm/ 6.5 mm/ 6.0 mm/ 5.5mm/ 5.0 mm/ 4.5 mm/ 4.0 mm/ 3.75 mm/ 3.5 mm/ 3.25 mm/ 2.75 mm/ 2.25 mm/ 2.00mm.

All individual needles have the size visibly printed on them. Each size of CJESLNA needles consists of 4 needles, and similar sizes of needles are packed in separate individual bags. If you want to enter the knitting world, it’s OK to start with those needles.


  • Carbonized Bamboo
  • Double pointed knitting needles
  • Quantity: 75 pieces
  • Total length: 6 inches
  • Circular, straight, and polished


  • Surface friction slows knitting speed slightly

6. DPN Double Pointed Knitting Needles Set

DPN Double Pointed Knitting Needles Set is a stunning gift of any Knitters Toolkit! DPN Double Pointed Knitting Needles Set comes in a diversity of thicknesses.


You can use the needles according to the stitch dimension needed in a particular project. The double-pointed needles allow you to stitch from any side, which is suitable for a tubular garment, such as a sweater, sleeves, socks, hats, gloves, toys, and more.

You’ll be able to purchase DPN sets of knitting needles, according to the thicknesses varying from 15 Sizes (US 0 -15). Each size consists of 5 needles per size. So it consists of a total of 75 Needles.

The sizes are 2.00/ 2.25/ 2.75/ 3.25/ 3.5 / 3.75/ 4.0/ 4.5/ 5.0/ 5.5/ 6.0/ 6.5/ 8.0/ 9.0/ 10.0 mm. The needles are 8 inches long. So the yarn doesn’t fall off as easily with wooden or stainless steel needles. Sundry Goods packed the DPN needles in a nice box with each size packaged individually.


  • Double pointed needles
  • Bamboo needles allow any type of yarn
  • Lightweight, strong, and flexible
  • DPN Set includes 15 Sizes
  • Carbonized bamboo with a smooth finish
  • 15 Sizes (US 0 -15) (5 Needles for each size)


  • For better output use good quality yarn

7. Onshine Double Pointed Knitting Bamboo Needles

Onshine double-pointed needles set are made from sturdy bamboo, which has been carbonized and bleached for a soft finish to avoid any irregular edges.


These knitting needles are strong, smooth, circular, lightweight, and easy to hold, making your job a lot easier. Onshine double-pointed knitting needles set, including 75 pieces with 15 sizes.

Each size has 5 needles per/size. All of the needles are about 8 inches long, and the diameter has a variety from 2mm to 10mm.

This set also provides some equipment such as 33 knitting stitch markers, 6 crochet yarn needles (2.8″, 3.5″), 3 stainless steel needles (2.4″), 1 ruler, 2 aluminum stitch holders.

Sunshine needles are reasonably priced, and all needles have the size clearly printed on them. The Onshore Double Pointed Knitting Bamboo Needles set is appropriate for beginners and experts. All of the most accepted sizes are provided to get you started on some necessary projects.


  • Double pointed bamboo knitting needles
  • Bleached for a smooth finish
  • Lightweight, strong, smooth, and comfortable
  • Suitable for beginners and experts as all
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 75pcs, 15 sizes, 8 inches long


  • Colour of all needles are not 100% the same.

8. KnitPal Single Pointed Knitting Needles Set

KnitPal Single Pointed Knitting Needles Set offers a swift, stress-free and economical solution to get you started knitting. KnitPal plastic knitting needles are made from high acrylic.


Generally, bamboo knitting needles bend or break easily, but high acrylic ensures maximum durability. Various colors of the needles help you to pick the right size needle with a quick glimpse. Its smooth knitting action helps beginners to start easily.

The acrylic knitting needle set includes 7 different sizes, which are 15, 13, 11, 10, 8, 7, and 6 in US sizes, which are corresponding to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10mm. The needles are packed in a good-looking carry casing that features 15 compartments.


  • One pointed 14″ long needles
  • High acrylic to ensure maximum durability
  • Right amount grip reduces dropped yarn
  • Beginner knitting, also for experts
  • Convenient knitting needle case


  • Made from acrylic
  • Colors of the needles are bright

Final Words

We hope you have found the best needles set for your purpose. As we know, these are the best knitting needle sets in this year; you should have found the best one! If not, you can also find it yourself by researching more and reading the user reviews.

Besides, you also need to consider the material, tip of the needle, number of needle pairs, length of the cables, type of cable and needle connection, availability of end caps, and a compact case, etc. I hope this article has helped you.

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