Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone: The advantages of travel for singles are many: peace, tranquility, relaxation, autonomy, and absolute freedom. Traveling alone can be the ideal getaway you’ve always dreamed of. Without ties or arguments, you can go where you want, when you want, and how you want. Perhaps the solo trip ends with a return home in a company. Who knows!

Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Here we present the 10 best travel destinations for singles to have a great time and advice on when to travel to take advantage of the best social events in each place to meet people.

Best Destinations to Travel Alone

1. Rhodes (Greece)

We begin our selection of Best Destinations to Travel Alone in Greece. The largest island of the Dodecanese is only 17 kilometers from the Turkish coast and offers idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters. The small town of Lindos is a true jewel that shines with its own light in the distance. Rent a car and travel the entire coast of this Greek paradise. The beaches on the west coast have more atmosphere than those on the east coast but, while the latter are sandy, those are made of pebbles.

Take a Mythos (typical Greek beer) in one of the many taverns that you will find along the way and join the festive spirit that is breathed in the city of Rhodes, where half the population of the island resides. In this environment, you will not feel alone even for a moment, even though it was you who planned a trip alone.

When to travel: in May the whole city of Rhodes turns to its medieval Rose festival, where you can attend exhibitions, concerts, and plays, for example. And during the summer months, the cultural society of Rhodes organizes concerts frequently, both classical and modern music.

2. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

For many, it is an obvious destination, but it is true that it is the perfect place for those who like to travel alone on their backs and by bicycle. Meeting people at any bar or local downtown will be little more than a children’s game.

The Cheese Museum is a cozy place to try the delicious Dutch cheeses for free, while the house of Anne Frank allows you to know in detail its sad but exciting history during the Nazi regime. If you are looking for a truly original museum, view the Heineken Museum. End a perfect day with a cocktail next to one of the channels that cross the city.

When to travel: Amsterdam is one of those Best Destinations to Travel Alone where it is impossible to get bored, because there are events throughout the year. The busiest is undoubtedly King’s Day, which is celebrated every April 27 in homage to the monarch of the country and attracts thousands of visitors, not only from the Netherlands but throughout Europe. It is also one of the Best Destinations to Travel Alone to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

3. Krabi (Thailand)

Paradisiacal beaches, stunning landscapes, transparent waters, excellent temperatures. Krabi is a dream destination for any lonely traveler. Five hours by bus from Phuket, this Thai treasure also includes the Phi Phi islands and is perfect for boat trips. It is perfectly adapted to enjoy a quiet holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For a unique experience that will give you incredible views, get ready to climb the 1237 steps that will take you to the gates of the Wat Tham Sua temple.

When to travel: the festival of Lanta Lanta is a good reason to travel to Krabi in the month of March. During the three days of the festival, there are numerous music and dance performances, traditional games and sports competitions, and many exotic foods and drink stand.

4. Salento (Italy)

In each country, there is always a city that sees the sunrise before the others. In Italy, it is about Otranto, in southern Salento. Salento is ideal for all trips for singles looking for a break in a sunny place, with an atmosphere, good beaches, and delicious cuisine.

Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Roca Vecchia, Porto Selvaggio, and Punta Prosciutto are some of the municipalities you can visit in this area frequented by young people travelers. If you want to spend a typical Salentine night, meet people, and dance until dawn, do not miss the night of the Taranta, where you can learn the pizzica, the typical dance of the Apulia region.

When to travel: summer is, perhaps, the best time to travel to the beach destinations of Salento. At the end of June, it is celebrated in Otranto its annual San Pietro e Paolo festivities, a unique opportunity to taste the area’s delicious food. A three-day jazz festival also takes place in this municipality in July.

5. Fuerteventura (Spain)

The Canary Island is an excellent destination for trips for singles in Spain. However, you should know that Fuerteventura one should never go alone, but accompanied by a good surfboard and a full team to go hiking. This island of volcanic origin and landscapes that seem taken from Mars is the mecca of many surfers, and the temperatures are pleasant all year round, and the wind creates incredible waves.

With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Fuerteventura receives tourists throughout the year but guarantees rest at the same time. If you are looking for a quiet environment to make the most of your vacation alone, visit the towns of El Cotillo and Pajara. If you prefer places with more atmosphere, Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario are good alternatives. In any case, remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

When to travel: if you want to enjoy an unbeatable party atmosphere, plan your trip to Fuerteventura in winter in a way that coincides with the Carnival. In 2018 it will be held from the end of January to the middle of February, so there are enough holidays to play with when planning the dates of your trip.

6. Yucatan (Mexico)

The Yucatan is a perfect oasis of peace, tranquility, and unique experiences in a dreamlike environment surrounded by ancient ruins and idyllic beaches. One of the most prosperous regions during the Mayan Empire preserves archaeological remains that are well worth a visit.

Once you land in the city of Merida, you can increase your knowledge about the Mayan culture in the Anthropological Museum and visit Chichen Itza to see the Kukulcan pyramid. Remember to bring one of the most important travel companions in this area: the hat!

After a day of absolute relaxation on the beach of San Bruno, you can explore the incredible underground lake of Ik Kil (this area of Mexico has numerous underground lakes). Tulum is the place you should go if you want a little more movement, fun, and new friendships.

When to travel: the International Mayan Culture Festival, which is held annually at the end of October, will give you the opportunity, in addition to meeting people, to learn and discover things about this ancient civilization. Each edition has a different main theme, and some of the topics dealt with in previous years have been architecture, science, time, or language.

7. New Zealand

If what you have in mind is a vacation in the style of Robinson Crusoe, New Zealand is your destination, with its deserted beaches and landscapes of the film (here scenes were filmed The Lord of the Rings. The photos you’ll find several municipalities will help to recognize the scenes of shooting).

Landing in Auckland will allow you to start the trip in the north and then cross the first of the two great islands of this splendid country. Renting a van will allow you to explore the islands at your own pace and admire beautiful panoramas at every turn.

Do not miss the Milford Sound fjords, the Abel Tasman Natural Park, Hot Water Beach, Mount Cook, and Curio Bay. This last corner is perfect for watching penguins. These are some of the magical corners that this part of the world hides in the Pacific Ocean. A journey alone to the ends of reality will give you movie landscapes.

When to travel: if you like music and the arts, you may want to write down the World Buskers Festival and the Splore festival on your calendar. The first takes place in Christchurch in the second half of January, with ten days full of shows and performances. The second is held in the Tapapakanga regional park, an idyllic setting to enjoy three days (and nights) of live music, workshops, and exhibitions.

8. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

From the waters of the Pacific, we sail to the waters of the Indian Ocean to enjoy the paradisiacal Zanzibar. Sun, sea, endless beaches, hidden islands, good gastronomy, and absolute relaxation. If you are looking for all this away from the urban bustle, Zanzibar is your best option.

With the most classic trip to perform alone, you will have all the time in the world to take advantage of everything that this island of Tanzania offers. It is a place with much to discover and where you can take advantage of the diving courses offered by the company Diving Ocean and explore the seabed.

When to go for trips for singles: Sauti za Busara has become a cultural symbol of Zanzibar and one of East Africa’s biggest music festivals. It is celebrated every year in the first half of February, and here artists perform covering all kinds of musical genres, not only from Africa but from all over the world.

9. Lisbon (Portugal)

Beaches, history, good food, sun, nightlife, concerts, museums, and kindness. All this is Lisbon. Get ready to explore the old town’s narrow streets and admire a beautiful panorama from the top of the Castle of San Jorge. Do not miss the splendid beaches of Cascais or the tower of Bethlehem and conclude the day with a night visit to the lively Bairro Alto cocktail in hand or in the neighborhood of Alfama to the rhythm of Fado.

When to travel: Lisbon has a huge cultural agenda that includes relevant events almost every month of the year. Outstanding Web Summit Lisbon, one of the most important conferences in Europe in terms of technology and entrepreneurship. For a few days of a purely festive atmosphere, visit Lisbon in June during the holidays of its patron saint, Santo António, and enjoy music, dancing, typical food and festivals, and all kinds of activities and shows.

10. San Francisco (USA)

From the 25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon, we moved to the Golden Gate of San Francisco in California. We have included this destination in our selection because of all trips for singles who visit it fall in love with the city and want to extend their stay to the fullest.

San Francisco is the most European-looking American city and has symbols that have made it famous around the world, such as its picturesque or the Golden Gate Bridge over the Pacific Ocean. In this city, you can visit one of the best-known roads in the world: the 49-Mile Scenic Drive. The posters with a white seagull will show you which are the best places to take pictures or where you will have the best views.

When to travel: Pride celebrations in San Francisco are among the best in the world, so June is certainly a good month to visit the city and enjoy a festive, happy, and very social atmosphere. The festivals take place throughout the summer, so take a few notes to keep them in mind: Union Street Festival (June), Fillmore Jazz Festival (July), and Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival (September).


With these 10 destinations, your bachelor holidays will have no limit. We hope that our varied selection will help you plan your next solo trip according to your personal preferences. Remember that you will never be alone. Download our travel app and choose the hotels that best suit you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with momondo.