12 Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

Most Romantic Hotels in Europe: The Best Most Romantic Hotels in Europe: They say that love knows no borders, so why do you not propagate yours by marking your partner and you a dream vacation in Europe? Fall in love with one of these romantic hotels that we have chosen for you and adapt to any budget type.

The 12 Best Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

One last tip, travel without much luggage. Well, all you need is love.

Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

1. Hotel La Torre del Canonigo, Ibiza (Spain)

Thousands of festers come to the island throughout the year to spend a night of fun that some will not even remember, but Ibiza can also become a romantic getaway. We assure you that you will spend an unforgettable night of truth. Located at the top of Dalt Vila, a neighborhood that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the tower, one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean is contemplated, the perfect panorama. At the same time, you take a relaxing bath in your private Jacuzzi terrace.

When you have looked enough into the eyes, you can go to see the Archaeological Museum, which hides a lot of treasures from the history of Ibiza. Do you fancy a spicier plan? Then take a walk down the street of the Virgin, where there are a lot of fetish stores that will satisfy the curiosity of any couple.

2. Hotel Palazzetto Madonna, Venecia (Italy)

If you were not in love before going on a vacation to Venice, you would surely be after spending a night at the Palazzetto Madonna hotel. Unlike many hotels in Venice that stand out for their ornate Rococo decor, this boutique hotel perfectly combines Italian taste and design.

Leave the suitcases and get on the ferry, whose stop is next to the hotel, to go out to eat the typical polenta with squid ink in an osteria (restaurant) of Campo Santa Margherita. When the bell tower of the Basilica of San Marcos turns 12, do as Casanova and give free rein to the love in that bed with silk sheets from your private palazzo.

3. Hotel Trezzini Palace, San Petersburgo (Rusia)

There is nothing that expresses more love than a room with satin sheets and velvet cushions like this one in St. Petersburg. At the Trezzini Palace hotel, you will feel like a king in your palace. In fact, the building still retains the flavor of its imperial past.

The impressive spaciousness of the rooms and the decoration are an aperitif of the tsarist luxury you will find when you visit the Hermitage Museum or the neighboring Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. The huge dome made with 100 kilos of pure gold will make you “hallucinate.” Hallucinate”, “zar”, do you get it? Leaving the bad jokes aside, we recommend that you end the day by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride to the Plaza del Palacio. You will surely fall in love with the bars.

If you prefer to lower the rhythm of passion a bit, relax with a boat trip on the Neva River and kiss each time you pass under a bridge. There are 365 in the whole city!

4. Hotel Fusion, Prague (Czech Republic)

Take the opportunity to give a burgundy necklace to your love and tell him how much you love him on top of Mount Petrin. On a full moon night, the view from there will make you fall in love with the Vltava river and the gray roofs of Prague.

Now that you are in love mode, skip dinner and go directly to the Fusion Hotel because when you see the Fusion Love suite, you will want to do other things. The subtle placement of mirrors around the round bed will impress even the shyest of lovers.

5. Montmartre Mon Amour Hotel, Paris (Francia)

Yes, it may be a somewhat hackneyed destination, but it is true, the City of Light is made for lovers. A walk through Paris’Place des Vosges, shop windows at Place Vendome, and a coffee on the terrace of Cafe St Regis will make you fall in love from head to toe and say “Je time.”

Located near the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in the Montmartre Mon Amour hotel, each room is decorated with love stories from famous French couples such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. If you are looking for romantic hotels, this is the best.

It also combines love with culture. What more could you want?

6. Hotel Witchery in the Castle Hotel in Edinburgh, Edinburgh (Scotland)

For lovers of whiskey or castles, Edinburgh is the perfect romantic getaway. Not only because you have the famous Edinburgh Castle, but also because you can walk along the arm of your sweetheart in the gardens of Princess Street, where there are ideal bushes to kiss you in secret. If you get the cold, go find the warmth of one of the many pubs that are on the Royal Mile.

The seductive 5-star Witchery hotel at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel will be waiting for you at the end of the day. A romantic night on the velvety four-poster bed and a bath in the Victorian tub will leave you satisfied and wanting more, as long as your bank account can afford it, of course!

7. Hostel Coimbra Portage, Coimbra (Portugal)

Perhaps it is the compasses of fado (the traditional musical genre of Portugal) as it resonates against the ancient stone walls of the city of Coimbra, which makes it one of the most fascinating destinations in Portugal? Or maybe those students are running around the city like crazy and wearing the toga that gives it that touch of eternal youth and makes it a perfect getaway for young lovers?

This is where the first university in Portugal was founded, and since then, Coimbra has become the university city par excellence of the country.

Coimbra is famous for having great nightlife and for offering a lot of activities at a good price.

Right on the other side of the Santa Clara Bridge, the Coimbra Portagem hostel awaits you. The double room is ideal to remember the echoes of the guitars that you can hear in A Capella and a 1361 chapel converted into a concert venue.

8. Hotel Goldgasse, Salzburg (Austria)

Lovers who like culture will love this dream destination: Salzburg, Austria. The Romantic Route (Romantischestrasse, in German) is the road that goes through all the important historical and cultural points from Germany to Austria. Salzburg was the city where Mozart was born. Here travelers can take advantage of all the cultural activities that are organized throughout the year, such as the Salzburg Festival or Mozart Week.

At the Hotel Goldgasse, you can see that they adore Austria and praise its history that is going into the crescendo. At the bottom, they have a typical traditional restaurant, but upstairs, in the rooftop suite, the style is much more contemporary. As you and your partner deserve the best views, here is a unique panorama of the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Accompany that with a glass of salt, the typical Austrian sparkling wine, and you’ll have the perfect evening.

9. Hotel Apollon Boutique, Paros (Greece)

Although the Cyclades are famous for the party, as in Mykonos, they can also be a good destination for a romantic getaway like the island of Paros. If you take a ferry from Athens, you will arrive in nothing, and you will be able to walk hand in hand on the beach of Chrissi Akti in the evening sun. Go to the hotel Apollon Boutique Hotel to change and put on your swimsuit, and head to the port of Parikia. Or maybe you’d like to discover the Aegean universe through the whitewashed alleys of Naoussa.

In 30 minutes, you can cross the island, so you will have plenty of time to look into your eyes and sigh. After a romantic night listening to break the waves from the window of your beautiful room, dedicate yourself to enjoying the fresh sea breeze on the terrace of the hotel Apollon, but cool in the shade of the bougainvillea.

10. Hotel Lesar Hotel Angel, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

As the name says, the Hotel Lesar Hotel Angel has that heavenly and romantic touch that your Slavic escape needs. In the middle of the room, the fireplace will become your favorite place to give you cuddles, or you may prefer the garden lit with candles.

Walk to the medieval center and let Presernov Square take out the artist inside you. At the same time, you contemplate the statues of the poet France Preseren who look with nostalgia at the statue of his mistress, Julija Primic, who rests on the windowsill. Before taking the Tromostovje Bridge and passing to the modern city, stop for a moment and embrace under the ceramic cantilever of the elegant Hauptmann House.

11. Hotel City House, Hamburgo (Alemania)

If you are lucky enough to get to Hamburg by boat, it is sure that the Willkomm-Hoft team will come out to greet you with the anthem and the flag of your country in the background. A warm welcome invites you to stay in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (that’s the city’s full name).

After resting peacefully in the charming City House hotel, have a good breakfast of ham and cheese and go to the Speicherstadt area, the largest department store district in the world that was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or take a walk Romantic strolling through the park fountain Planten un Blomen.

Before returning to the elegant hotel room, take place at the vast shared tables of the fish market of St Pauli and blush when the marktschreier (fish vendors) bind you shamelessly while trying to sell the merchandise.

12. Hotel Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms, Cracovia (Poland)

If you like romantic hotels, this is the one for you! Leave the suitcases and roll the curtains, as you will see Krakow when you hallucinate with the giant Jacuzzi for two (or even three) that all the rooms of the Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms have! Although there is no excuse for not seeing the old town and the market square, they are a stone’s throw away.

Okay, you have already enjoyed the room. Now go and go to Wawel Castle, where you can recreate in front of the statue of Smok Wawelski the scene in which the prince saves his beautiful lady from the claws of the dragon that spits fire. Before ending the day and returning to the Jacuzzi, go up the Kosciuszko Mound; from there, you will have some of the most impressive views of the historic center of the city.