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Jennifer Lopez Displays Fitness Results in the New Picture

Jennifer Lopez Displays Fitness Results: These are the exercises with which Jennifer Lopez has gotten that we want to have her ARMS more than her super ass. We had been looking at the wrong part of JLo’s antimony for years.

Fitness Results

Not that llevásemos two wrong decades: that we had paid so much attention to -icónico and extremely well tornado- ass of Jennifer Lopez that we had spent other parts of his anatomy that also deserved to be insured. And a photo that just shared today on Instagram has just given all the prominence that should have the arms of the star, a part of his spectacular physique is a separate chapter. The ass, although evidently worked with gym hours, has much of its own genetic inheritance. However, these extremities are the fruit of intense and effective fitness routines that we will reveal to you later. But, first, be surprised by the snapshot that the alarm has given:

Jennifer says she feels like a superwoman right after the concert last night. And he makes that gesture to mark muscles with the arms that we have all done at some time but that in it are a spectacle: not only the biceps and the triceps have a PERFECT definition but the shoulders and the back are a real dream. But how can you get to get a shape like that? With magic? With Photoshop? No, with many daily efforts and training like those that Lopez does. Of course, we can verify that the time and energy dedicated deserve and very much worth it.

A few months ago, Jennifer shared on Instagram a surprisingly effective arm routine that can be done at home. For her, she used elastic bands of resistance very similar to those of Nike. Unlike the TRX, these are flexible and offer different degrees of resistance. They are suitable for any part of the body but the star has shown that they are perfect for the arms. Another good news is that they cost about 25 euros.

These bands are very versatile to use in the upper train. Having arms like JLo’s would go through these exercises:

She has also trained with Tracy Anderson, the creator of the method that bears her name and one of the best-known coaches in Hollywood. In another video that revealed Tracy herself some time ago, we could see who is one of her most fit clients doing another shoulder exercise that we already see that WORKS.

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