Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World: The best way to give a relationship a romance is through a trip, on the way to a romantic honeymoon destination for one or two weeks. Whether it’s a getaway to a place for sunbathing or a luxury getaway in a romantic city, romantic hotels can improve or give a bad experience to any type of vacation, so choosing the right hotel is so important as the choice of location.

Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

If you are looking for romantic vacation ideas for two, you can take a look at these ten best romantic hotels in several places in the world, which guarantee you a romantic dream vacation.

Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

1. Hotel Danieli – Venice, Italy

With its canals, lagoons, and wonderful architecture, the city of Venice is one of the best romantic destinations in the world, and one of the most romantic hotels in Venice is the Hotel Danieli, which is located right in front of the lagoon of Venice.

The Hotel Danieli is one of the most legendary hotels in the center of Venice. Located 200 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, more specifically on the Riva Degli Schiavoni, it is known for its impressive views of the city. The complex consists of three independent buildings, each from an era (14th, 19th, and 20th centuries) connected by covered bridges.

The nearest Vaporetto stop is a two-minute walk away—special mention for the spacious rooms and suites, all decorated in the purest local style. Large four-poster beds, stucco on the walls, and marble in the bathrooms will guarantee a “princely” stay.

The hotel used to be a 14th-century palace, and here you can book rooms overlooking the lagoon and enjoy champagne breakfasts in bed. It offers all the style and comfort that you can ask for in the city that was the birthplace of Casanova himself.

2. Kenya Beach Spa & Resort – Brazil

This beautiful ecological hotel is tucked away in a secluded spot on the northeast coast of Brazil and offers the opportunity to relax and have a romance with style. Spas, spice massages, excellent Brazilian cuisine, and luxury accommodation help make this an excellent place for a sunny getaway, and so get out of the annoying routine.

3. Hotel Shangri-La – Paris

No list of the most romantic hotels in the world would be complete without a mention of the world-famous Shangri-La in Paris. The Shangri-La was a palace that was built in 1896 and was the home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew. Now, it is a sumptuous hotel overlooking the Eifel Tower, from the bedroom window.

There are many hotels ideal for a honeymoon in the city of love, but the Shangri-La is perhaps the most romantic of all. Behind its picturesque wedding cake façade, you’ll find lush gardens, two Michelin-star restaurants, and 101 opulent rooms adorned with antiques. But what makes it different from other hotels? Its unique views towards the Eiffel Tower, directly on the other side of the river, because it is so close that it makes you feel as if you can touch it from your balcony.

Paris is a beautiful city to visit at any time, but when you stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, it will make your romantic vacation just perfect.

4. Hotel Kakslauttanen & Igloo Village, Finland

At the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland, combine the wonderful experience of sleeping in a glass igloo and so you can admire the northern lights with the comfort of a warm and cozy wooden cabin.

You can be with your partner and see the impressive show that unfolds before your eyes and then return to snuggle together, embraced by the fire of the fireplace. These combined igloos are quite new in the complex, and it is well worth checking out.

5. The Greenwich Hotel – New York City

Well, they say that New York is the city where all dreams come true. Everything is transformed and enveloped by an aura full of modernity, elegance, the best of the past, and what will surely be a benchmark in the future. Precisely for this reason, it has become one of the perfect settings to enjoy a honeymoon where nothing is missing: inspiration, art, fashion, trends, style. Everything you ever imagined seeing every day!

This hotel located in New York City is another of the most romantic hotels in the world and is famous for offering its customers the best things that a hotel can offer. The hotel, which Robert De Niro owns, offers services and facilities of impeccable quality, all of which are provided with a homely touch of Italian hospitality. It is the perfect destination for a romantic vacation in the city.

The protagonist of different films, a favorite city of many filmmakers, a source of inspiration for artists, a creative path for designers, and a faithful atmosphere to celebrate success in all its forms, New York has become one of the favorite destinations to enjoy, love and live the present like never before!

With its five neighborhoods: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island, each space has something to say through its design, the buildings that surround its streets, and that vibe that is breathed at every step. Today you will understand the reason for its popularity and why living an express honeymoon in this destination will become the best experience of your life. We invite you to discover “the city that never sleeps.” Are you ready?

6. Singita Boulders Lodge – South Africa

Located in its own private area of the Kruger National Park, this design hotel will give you a taste of its own experience of the “Memories of Africa.” The complex consists of 15 private lodge-style suites, each with floor and incredible windows that allow you to experience the splendor of the African landscape from the comfort of the room.

You can enjoy magnificent facilities, cuisine, and the best wine, when you relax in the hotel and experience the thrill of a play track when you venture out; and of course, observe the cheetahs, elephants, and lions in their natural habitat.

7. Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce – Belgium

This charming hotel is located on the banks of the canals of Bruges and is the favorite place of the rich, famous, and royalty. The boutique hotel was built in the 16th century and is now a place to be if you want to be pampered or spoiled.

To give you an idea of the level of comfort and quality offered by the hotel, the bedding is by Ralph Lauren, and the paintings on the walls are by Henri Matisse.

8. Pangkor Laut Resort – Malaysia

The Pangkor Laut Resort is located in one of the ancient forests of Malaysia, on an island three miles from the mainland. It really is a beautiful and serene piece of paradise that is ideal for a romantic vacation. You can have your own private villa or a secluded water bungalow.

9. Viceroy – Anguilla

White sands and palm trees are just the beginning of what this wonderful resort in Anguilla in the West Indies has reserved for visitors. It is another of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the world. The hotel also has a sumptuous collection of rooms, villas, and suites to choose from, all designed by interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Add to that the private pools and the tubs with sights, and you’ll have a romantic Caribbean vacation that you’ll never forget.

10 Toren Hotel – Amsterdam

Located in the romantic city of Amsterdam, the Toren Hotel offers 38 beautifully decorated rooms, many with views of the canals and a Jacuzzi.

It is the perfect base from which you can explore the picturesque city of Amsterdam and then enjoy romantic evenings with your partner.