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2018 Forza Horizon 4 PC Game Review and Analysis

Forza Horizon 4: By force of much and good work, in Playground Games have been crowned as the kings of the arcade of driving and Forza Horizon 4 is his best work to date. They may start to miss deeper changes in the formula but it is difficult to put a big hit to a gameplay and a bomb-proof UK recreation. This is our review.

Forza Horizon 4

Playground Games, a studio formed by former employees of companies such as Bizarre Creations, Codemasters and Criterion, has gone from being the great promise within the Microsoft developer portfolio to one of the pillars of the Xbox strategy, having recently been acquired, and one of the most solvent and reputable studios in the current industry.

And everything has been, although they are working in an ambitious RPG (many related to the franchise Fable ), by force of Forza Horizon , a sub saga of the classic saga driving a much more fresh approach and accessible, approaching it to the arcade and revolving around the festival that mixes music and cars from which the franchise takes its name.

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4

Each delivery has been one more and better manual, with more vehicles, a variety of tests and more extensive mapping, betting on the strength of the rocky mountains, the warmth of the Mediterranean or the exotic of the Australian territory and, again, firm and safe, Playground Games meets expectations.

The step forward in Forza Horizon 4 is evident but not transcendent: the bet to introduce the four seasons of the year expands the depth of the game but still maintains the structure and the dimensions of the mapping relatively invariable, within what every player of the previous ones could wait. The first good news is that it is more than a purely aesthetic addition.

The first hours of the game , which work as an extensive introduction in which we must classify for the festival itself, serve as a demonstration of what Forza Horizon 4 will have to offer later: as we dispute races and gain points of influence (one of the many levels of progression of the title) we will be able to go, briefly, through the different seasons. And that brief review already serves to verify that, each one, knows how to convince in its own way.

Nothing has to do with the cold sensation and inhospitable and dangerous terrain of a winter that takes to perfection with the mountainous sections with the colorful and pleasant spring, a melancholic autumn or the luminous summer that embellishes our walks on the beach. The change in the visual and artistic is remarkable but, true, at a playable level the incidence is not transcendental and, in fact, the influence on the gameplay of the winter stage is much greater than the rest.

But, undoubtedly, the main problem that many players will encounter with the station system is its periodicity. Once at the Horizon festival, the stations will change every six days real or, what is the same, they will last practically a week. It is not a bad decision per se but it can generate frustration not being able to change to the station that we like or suits us, according to the pending evidence, at our whim. It is clear that these are sometimes thought for the casual player but it will be easy for someone more dedicated not to see with good eyes spend a full week playing in the same station.

Forza Horizon 4 PC Game Review and Analysis

After more than 30 hours of play we have not found any way forward, but, yes, it seems something that Playground Games could modify without too much effort if enough users end up claiming it. Until then it will play to take advantage of each season to complete the tournaments, these more traditional and almost all of three different races, of each season and special events.

Some tests that we will now complete as one more and not as the director of the festival, as it happened in Forza Horizon 3 . The main advantage associated with this charge, designing events to our liking, is still integrated (although it is much less important) but is committed to a progression system more like the first two games, scaling levels while we get bracelets of different colors and we improve our reputation.

And in his system of progression is, perhaps, where we can find more tweaks: it will be easy to get flustered in the first hours since each test will cause us to increase, to a greater or lesser extent, the general level of our character, his influence and the level of each test in particular. And, in turn, we will go up in the different sections of the section named Horizon Life, going from the focus on photographing the environment to the aggressive driving or vehicle collection.

It is a half-baked system . Going up the level according to our performance is a success, it would be more, but the reward system and its implementation are quite poor. With the exception of the level of each type of test, which unlocks new challenges as we increase it, the rest of the levels end up leading to the same prizes: cars (which do not even have to do with the test in question) or roulette spins, both normal and Super, a triple roll.

Forza Horizon 4 PC Game

  • Developer: Playground Games
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre: Driving Arcade
  • Platform: Xbox One and PC

That the progression and getting new vehicles (in addition to, with a totally customizable character, a thousand and one pieces of clothing and dances to the Fortnite) revolves around a roulette system is vague and, above all, improper of a video game like This , giving a huge weight to luck and putting a mechanics totally alien to what should be Forza Horizon 4 . That certain tests reward us with a specific vehicle (or pieces of clothing), that other cars will be unlocked according to what exploits or that the money entered in prizes would be higher in order to buy what we would like to seem infinitely more relaxed and accurate decisions.

Luckily, in a video game whose playable core is so polished and is so tremendously fun is easier to forgive or pass over this type of errors but, it could not be otherwise, weigh in the long term because, by the variety of objectives and tests, we will see ourselves continually rising in level.

2018 Forza Horizon 4 PC Game Review and Analysis
2018 Forza Horizon 4 PC Game Review and Analysis

And even if you have not opted for radical changes or additions that change the experience, Playground has skipped this fourth installment of small novelties such as a new interior camera, above the steering wheel, or the introduction of things to buy and businesses in which to participate. They are good ideas that, on the other hand, have less substance than one would like and are far from what we could see in that respect in, for example, the extinct Test Drive Unlimited franchise, especially if we talk about housing.

We can buy the homes scattered on the map (including the Edinburgh castle itself!) For sums ranging from the affordable 100,000 credits to the exorbitant 20 million; This will give us some benefits such as, again, certain roulette spins or more points in the next races and they will work as a quick trip point and an area where you can perform the same tasks as in the Horizon festival. A pity that to add some immersion, you can not access them.

In the case of business, we can buy them for a specific number and these will generate daily benefits and, similar to what happens in tests such as double action, will give us access to tests to be completed in search of the three stars. An addition that is appreciated and brings even more variety to the Forza Horizon with more modalities of tests and events. Practically impeccable in that sense.

And equal or more impeccable is the work of Playground Games in the technical. Being able to reach the 60fps in Xbox One X, the recreation of beautiful and green Britain takes the hiccup and enters fully into the most shocking and polished video games in the technical and graphics. In our case, we played on a PC with the configuration set high, enjoying 60 stable frames, and the work of the studio removes the hiccups. And that we find two levels above, Ultra and Extreme. Once again, step by step and brick by brick, the company has perfected a section already outstanding in the previous deliveries.


  • The gameplay. Polished and extremely funny.
  • The open world. The United Kingdom is a great choice.
  • Your visual section. A real joy in the technical and graphics.
  • Variety and amount of content. Difficult to get bored or not find a test to suit us.


  • The progression system. The importance of roulette is ridiculous.
  • The periodicity of the stations can frustrate some players.
  • Too much weight of future DLC
  • The English translation has some serious errors.


Forza Horizon 4 is a new step forward in the franchise. Perhaps not as forceful or ambitious as we would like, focusing on perfecting the existing and adding some additional layer with the arrival of the four seasons; we speak of evolution and not of revolution. What is indisputable is that it remains a tremendously satisfying arcade, the best of the generation in that respect.

He also rubs elbows with the greats, of any genre or platform, technically and graphically, where he leaves with his mouth open and succeeds with the jump to the United Kingdom and the introduction of the four seasons, giving away unpayable stamps. The few problems, a system of vague and poorly planned progression or the management of the climatology, disfigure an outstanding video game of a saga that, yes, we are anxious because it surprises us even more.

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