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Rare Two-headed Snake Discovered in a Garden in Virginia

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Rare two-headed snake discovered in Virginia. The snake, an “eastern copperhead”, was found earlier this month in northern Virginia. It has two heads, two tracheas, and two Esophagus but only one, heart

Rare Two-headed Snake
One of the two heads of the animal appears as the dominant one. Both share the same heart and lungs.

A very unusual two-headed snake was found in northern Virginia and examined by personnel from the Wildlife Center in that state, which has confirmed the characteristics of the rare animal.

According to a statement issued last Friday, the snake, an eastern copperhead, was found earlier this month by a person who contacted the Virginia Herpetological Society for identification.

After examining the rare specimen, it was confirmed that one of the two heads is “more dominant” than the other and responds more to the stimuli.

The statement also states that the X-rays made to the snake showed that “the animal has two tracheas [the left is more developed], two esophagi [the right is more developed] and that the two heads share a heart and lungs.”

Rare Two-headed Snake
Snakes with two heads are an unusually rare fact.

According to the anatomy, says the text, it would be better for the right head to develop the ability to eat, but this fact can be a great challenge because the left head appears to be the most dominant.

As reported by the Charlotte Observer, cited by Telemundo, both heads would be able to bite and inject poison.

The two-headed wild snakes are extremely rare, warns the statement of the Wildlife Center of Virginia and clarifies that these specimens do not usually live that long.

The animal will continue to be monitored by a herpetologist and, if it survives, it will probably be sent to a zoo.


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