How to Prepare the Land to Grow Petunias in Pots

How to Grow Petunias in Pots
How to Grow Petunias in Pots

Grow Petunias in Pots: Petunias are the most beautiful and cheerful plants we can use to fix a garden. In addition to having flowers of different sizes, it also has a wide range of colors and is easy to grow. We can choose the one that we like, either by color or size. Some varieties have a great resistance to temperature changes, so we can grow petunias in pots without any problem. Let’s see how to do it.

How to Grow Petunias in Pots

Varieties of petunias

Before we start to grow the petunias, we will see what the varieties are and the differences that each of them has.

  • Grandiflora: it: is the variety of petunias best known in the world and one of the most used. From this variety, we can find two types, one that only has a simple flower, and another that has double flowers.
  • Multiflora:  the multiflora gives Barias flowers smaller than the Grandiflora, can be found with different shades and colors.
  • Hedgiflora:  this variety is one of the lowest in height, this plant grows more towards the width.
  • Milliflora, the multiflora is of smaller flowers, this plant grows a few centimeters from the ground and is easier to take care of.

Before transplanting the petunias

How to Grow Petunias in Pots
How to Grow Petunias in Pots

If we want we can buy the plant in an organic garden and transplant it after fixing the land. But a cheaper way is to buy the seeds; Both options are good but the preparation of the plant is different in each case. It is preferable that if we buy the seeds first, let them grow apart.

We can also make a nursery if we do not have one, or put them inside a small glass with a wet cotton in the bottom and cover the base with a small piece of transparent rubber, after doing this we leave it in a warm and bright place, preferably where they get a lot of suns.

How to prepare the land to plant the petunias

How to Grow Petunias in Pots
How to Grow Petunias in Pots

First, we will sift the land that we will use, then we will mix half of the land with 1/3 of organic fertilizer, after this, we can put some vitamins. If our seeds have already germinated, it is only a matter of transplanting them.

For the petunias to flower healthily you have to remove the withered flowers. If it does not flower well you can cut a third of the plant. This is so that it has more vigor. If it is growing well, but it is not blooming, reduce the amount you use of fertilizer.

Try to water the plant once a week, early in the morning or at night, without exaggerating since a large amount of water can rot. Leave it in a place with enough sun. If you see that you have groups or other insects harmful to the plant you can use a biodegradable insecticide.

Do not worry if it takes a while to germinate the seeds of petunias, remember that it may take 5 to 15 days to germinate, try to put them in a sunny place and do not cover them with soil while they are growing.

How to Grow Petunias in Pots
How to Grow Petunias in Pots

Now that you know how to grow petunias in pots, you can start planning a beautiful garden. Now you want to know how to plant hyacinths in pots? Ahead!

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