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FC Barcelona VS Girona Live Streaming, Highlights, Schedule & Tv Guide

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Barcelona VS Girona Live: FC Barcelona VS Girona FC Highlights: The Girona takes a point of the Camp Nou with two goals of the Uruguayan. Barça played with ten 60 minutes after the red one to Lenglet. Messi and Pique scorers.

Barcelona VS Girona Live

FC Barcelona VS Girona FC Highlights

It happened of everything in the Camp Nou, where the Barça yielded the first tie (2-2) of the season before a Girona that rose to him to the beards commanded by a colossal Stuani in a party that of being repeated in the second return it would ignite Miami, but also Girona. Things like that, nobody wants to lose them. The VAR decreed an expulsion of Lenglet that nobody in the stadium claimed and the Barça in inferiority during 55 minutes had to return to undo rotations to save a point in a party that became frenetic from the red one to the French central one.

FC Barcelona VS Girona FC Highlights

Valverde pulled rotations and the thing, as happened in Anoeta, the frog came out again. Semedo occupied the right side with the usual fortune, that is, scarce. In the center of the field, Busquets remained anchor but accompanied by Arturo Vidal and Arthur, which reverberated in the smooth play of Barcelona, who lost many balls in midfield. Up front, Dembélé was the one who was responsible for losing them. Wholesale.

In front, a Girona very well placed on the playing field kept Barcelona away from Bono’s goal. In fact, the first occasion of the game was of the visitors when Bernardo won the game to Busquets in a corner to finish at the hands of Ter Stegen.

With a very gray Barcelona, the only uncontrollable element was, as usual, Leo Messi, who warned at 12 minutes with a play of fantasy that Bono saved after the Argentinian dribbled three defenders of Girona. It was the first warning from the Argentine, who opened the scoring after Arturo Vidal’s pass after 19 minutes. The match seemed to be sweet for the Blaugrana, but the storm over the Camp Nou was about to be unleashed.

Portu warned that after dribbling Ter Stegen saw how Piqué saved on the line what should be the draw.

FC Barcelona VS Girona FC Score

But the play that marked the game was given 10 minutes from the end of the first half when in a divided ball Pere Pons bumped into Lenglet. The shock on your knees. Both went to the ground. The referee pointed out the visitor’s lack, who got up and apologized to the Frenchman. They shook hands and it seemed that nothing had happened. But the referee received communication from the room of the VAR indicating elbow of Lenglet, which certainly struck with the face of Pons. It seemed, and so interpreted the protagonists of the shock, a move of inertia and fortuitous. But once reviewed on the monitor at the request of Del Cerro Grande, Lenglet was expelled for judging aggression and intentionality.

In inferiority, Barcelona continued to play just as badly as with eleven and in a dismissal of Pique, it would not be the first, Stuani stole the car and beat Ter Stegen just before the first half discount.

La Liga Santander 2018 League Table

The second began with the entry of Umtiti by an inoperative Dembélé. Barça came out with more mordant, but Girona knew that in superiority and with the speed of their tips would sooner than later an opportunity. And they arrived soon in another slip of Pique, who first lost the race with the forward, then committed a penalty on Portu, who followed the play. Ter Stegen made the first miracle by avoiding the goal, but he could not avoid Stuani’s next missile.

Barca had no choice but to go for it. Coutinho and Rakitic entered and Messi went into turbo mode. He shot a foul to the cross, Bono saved another and generated the play that redeemed Piqué, who scored the tie in the absence of half an hour to go. The Camp Nou boiled.

Barca was entrusted to the outside shot of Coutinho and the strikes of Messi, but Girona knew how to hold on with one more man and take a match for which in Miami they would kill … and in Girona, too.

FC Barcelona VS Girona FC Highlights

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