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Happy Dhanteras 2018 – Dhanteras Puja Date Timings and Methode

Happy Dhanteras 2018: Dhanteras by this method will shine, will shine fate. According to the Hindu Calendar, Dhanteras is celebrated on the day of Triadshi, Krishna Day of Krishna Kartik month, that is, Diwali is celebrated two days earlier.

Happy Dhanteras 2018 – Dhanteras Puja Date Timings and Methode

Prior to Diwali, worship at Dhanteras is of particular importance and on this day Lord Dhanvantri is worshiped for money and health. Kubera is worshiped on this day. On this day, Lord Dhanvantri was born which during the Samundar Manthan had appeared with Amrish Kalash and Ayurveda, and for this reason, God Dhanvantri is also called the father of medicines. It is also auspicious to buy gold and silver utensils on Dhanteras. Buying a metal on this day is also considered very auspicious. It is believed that the fate of Lord Vivekananda is shining.

Happy Dhanteras 2018
Happy Dhanteras 2018

When is the Worship of Happy Dhanteras 2018

f Dhanteras According to the Hindu calendar, Happy Dhanteras 2018 is celebrated on the day of Triodshi, the Krishna side of the Kartik month, that Diwali is celebrated two days earlier. Money means prosperity and thiras means the thirteenth day. The day of Dhanteras i.e. to make Thirteen times its wealth and increase it. Dhanteras has a special significance for businessmen because there is a perception that on this day Lakshmi Puja brings prosperity, happiness, and success. Also, this worship has special significance for all.

When shopping and when is the auspicious time to

Buy auspicious time, Dhanteras is from 7.19 pm to 8.17 pm. Know when to buy what’s the thing.

  • Calicut – Drugs and foodgrains till 7.33am
  • Auspicious – vehicles, machines, textiles, shares and household goods by 9.13 am
  • Variable- 14.12 hours by car, moving object and gadget.
  • Profit – profit-making machine, tools, computers, and shares till 15.51 hrs.
  • Amrit- 17.31 hrs Jovar, utensils, toys, textiles, and stationery.
  • Till 19.11 hours, household items, food grains, and medicines.

How to Worship Dhanteras

  • Firstly install the photo of Goddess of the soil and the god of Lord Vishnavitri.
  • Attract water from silver or copper water.
  • Meditate and worship God Ganesha.
  • Take the meditation of Lord Shiva in your hands by wearing uninspired flowers.

Do this mantra at the time of worship, chanting this mantra,

Devan Krishan Sarsanghani Piditangan, visionary Dayalur dead, work in the opposite direction:  Paoodhi Manthan Vidhau Bhavdho, Dwantantri: Saj Bhagavanate Sadhu Nava Dwantantararayya Namya Namya Dhyanarthee   Akshat Pushpani Sternapami …

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