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DhanTeras Gifts and Ideas – What You Can Buy on Dhan Teras 2019

DhanTeras Gifts: Diwali is the considerably the biggest festival for Hindus and is celebrated with great pomp and show for a time period of 5 days. The 1st day out of these 5 days is ‘Dhanteras’ where the word ‘dhan’ means money and ‘teras’ means the 13th day of the lunar time on which the festival rejoices.

DhanTeras Gifts and Ideas

DhanTeras Gifts
DhanTeras Gifts

The pooja done on hamsters has a very significant importance and for those especially who are indulged in business. Everyone, on this day, worships the goddess Lakshmi for the continued wealth and prosperity. Now the biggest question that arises here is What to buy on DhanTeras 2019, Gifts and Ideas?

To answer you and clear all your worries of what you can buy on DhanTeras 2019, kindly follow the points given here.

Gold or Silver

Gold or Silver are among the first choice of Indians that they wish to buys on the occasion of Dhanteras. If you are cognizant of the recipient’s taste in jewelry, then go ahead and choose items of exquisite jewelry that will please them. If you don’t want to go with that kind of jewelry, you could also prefer to buy jewelry made out of gold or silver layer that comes at a portion of the cost of jewelry.

What you can buy on DhanTeras 2019

  • Utensils

If you believe that gold and silver are too costly for gifts, you can think of gifting pooja utensils on the first day of the festival, i.e., Dhanteras Pooja. Extending from decorated pooja thalis in brass or bronze to embossed dishes that can hold gifts like sweets and fruits, there are lots of choices to pick from if you are willing to give pooja utensils

  • Electronics

This is the second-best option and the very 1st preferred by the youngsters. Moreover, you also get ample offers on electronic items on the day of DhanTeras.

In today’s world where people spend like 80% of their time with electronic gadgets, gifting such an item or buying it for yourself, it’s actually worth. So, finally, we think you are going to get something special this DhanTeras with Silver, Gold or anything precious. Here on this Happy Diwali blog, we are sharing out our special collection of Diwali ImagesDiwali Whatsapp messages, Facebook DB, Diwali SMS and Diwali Quotes that you can use to celebrate this awesome festival of lights. Also feel free to make your comments and share your ideas “What you are buying on Dhanteras 2019?“.

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