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6 Top Curiosity News on the Last Week, September 20, 2018

An emotional news, a Guinness record and a visual puzzle are what you will see here. Do not miss the most Curiosity News and emotional news that we do not have this week …

Curiosity News

Top Curiosity News on the Last Week

# 1 They Surprise Their Father With the Mustang He Sold to Pay for His Wife’s Medicine

Jake and Jeni Ryan surprised their father, Wesley, by buying again his white 1993 Ford Mustang, which he had sold years ago to pay his wife’s medical bills.

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Wesley Ryan loved his 1993 Ford Mustang, which he called “Christine.” But 12 years ago, Wesley had to sell Christine to help pay for his wife’s cancer treatment.

Realizing how much that car meant to him and the sacrifice he made for his mother, Jen and his brother Jake decided to find the original Christine and buy it back.

# 2 Kindly Act of a Student Towards a Concierge

Tristan McAlister’s act of kindness has gone viral and many have applauded him for going out of his way to show his appreciation to the school’s janitor.

Tristan McAlister and Angel Echevarria have cultivated a good friendship for the last two years at Stafford High School. One day a conversation about tennis arose, in which McAlister asked Echevarría to recommend tennis.

“Buy yourself some Jordan 8s,” said the concierge at the time. “Really? You have some, “replied the young man. “No, I have four children, I do not buy for myself,” the worker replied.

The fact moved the student, who decided to buy tennis.

# 3 Guinness Records: the Largest Knitting Needles in the World

Elizabeth Bond, an art student from Wiltshire, United Kingdom, holds the record for the largest knitting needles. They measure 14 feet 6.33 inches (4.42 meters) long and have a diameter of 3.54 inches (9.01 centimeters).

The knitting needles were presented and measured in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, on June 13, 2017.

# 4 Carrier Misspelled His Own Name on His Own Plane

This is the company Cathay Pacific, based in Hong Kong, and whose name was painted as “Cathay Paciic”. A group of passengers discovered the error at the Hong Kong International Airport and contacted the airline.

“Wow, this special decoration will not last long! It will return to the store! “Joked the company on Twitter.

The airline said it was a genuine mistake, although some in the industry said it was inexplicable.

# 5 Find the Seven Buffaloes Among the Most Emblematic Places in London

The last visual challenge comes to challenge you to find seven buffalos hidden in a photo of the London skyline. You will have to concentrate to locate each buffalo wandering around some of the most emblematic places in the capital, such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

Curiosity News


# 6 An Evacuated Family Leaves Food and Drinks to Utah Firefighters

More than 1,300 firefighters continue to work on the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires, and around 6,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. In fact, one of the evacuated family has touched the hearts of everyone for performing an act of generosity towards the firefighters.

Curiosity News

The kind family left food and drinks for Utah firefighters trying to contain the fire. Firefighter Matthew Bills took a photograph of the note that contained the generous detail and posted it on his Facebook page. It is impressive that in a moment of desperation, the family was thinking of the people who would risk their lives to protect their home.



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