The Tattoo That Emilia Clarke Has Just Made on Her Wrist

Go asking for an appointment with your tattoo artist because when you see it you will also want one like yours.

We are living with the tattoo that emilia clarke has just made on her wrist. Although most of them are very upset when asked about the meaning, everyone who gets a tattoo has a story behind that explains why they chose that particular design to permanently decorate their body. In that Emilia Clarke has been successful in choosing the last one that has been made: anyone who sees it will have no doubt where the inspiration comes from to bet on that particular drawing.

The Tattoo That Emilia Clarke Has Just Made

In a photo published today on her Instagram account, the actress of Game of Thrones has just revealed what will undoubtedly be the design that will be asked the most in tattoo studios by fans of the series who dream of seeing Daenerys Targaryen someday sitting on the Iron Throne: the silhouette of three dragons flying on his right wrist.

The Tattoo That Emilia Clarke Has Just Made

But beware, it is not just any dragons, but their “children” Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal, three beasts that throughout all these seasons have helped her win all the battles and now that she has finished shooting the series will remain forever united to their ‘mother’ in fiction, whose final destiny remains an unknown that will still take months to discover.

It is confirmed that all the times that Clarke has affirmed that this HBO fiction has changed his life, he did not li. Yes, that all actors have a character that will keep a great memory throughout his life; but not all honor him in such a visual and obvious way.

It happens that Emilia has not been the only actress of Game of Thrones that has decided to tattoo something related to the series. At the end of June, when she finished filming all her scenes, Sophie Turner also went to her trusty tattoo artist to ask her to draw on her arm the wolf that shines on the Stark flag, the family clan to which her character belongs and that has its symbol in this animal.

Of course, in his case the memory generated more controversy, since in addition to the drawing was tattooed the phrase “The herd survives”, that some fans of the series were taken as a spoiler that revealed that his character Sansa, another aspiring to the throne Iron, was one of the few that was saved from death in the last season.

We are in any case before a trend with more and more followers in the world of entertainment. We say it because this summer also the actors that participate in the saga of The Avengers also published photos showing the tattoo that had been made and that united in a single symbol the name of the six original Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

So that they then say that the actors are not a little special. Do you know many people willing to tattoo the logo of the company they are working for?

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