Home News 17-year-old Gang Member Ms-13 Pleads Guilty to Four Murders in New York

17-year-old Gang Member Ms-13 Pleads Guilty to Four Murders in New York

17-year-old gang member MS-13 pleads guilty to four murders in New York. The defendant committed the crimes when he was 16 years old and now faces a perpetual chain.

Murders in New York
Tattoos and the way of dressing are one of the main features of the members of the Mara Salvatrucha.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York reported that a member of MS-13 today pleaded guilty to racketeering charges for his involvement in four killings in April 2017 on Long Island, with a marked presence of that gang.

It was indicated in a statement that Freiry Martinez, now 17, is a member of the Locos Salvatrucha, a subsidiary of MS-13 and that after the murders escaped to Virginia and then to Maryland, where he remained a fugitive until November 21. last year when he was arrested.

Martinez, who at the time of the murders was fifteen years old, is an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador and was initially accused as a minor.

However, according to the statement, the prosecution requested that he be tried as an adult for the deaths of Justin Llivicura, Michael Lopez, Jorge Tigre, and Jefferson Villalobos in Central Islip, Suffolk County on Long Island, and today the judge Federal Joseph F. Bianco authorized it.

Last August, another young member of MS-13, Josué Portillo, aged 17, also pleaded guilty to his participation in these murders.

Both face life imprisonment.

MS-13, considered by the authorities as an international criminal organization, has a large presence on Long Island, in eastern New York, where it has operated for years, but in the last two it is held responsible for at least 18 murders


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