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How to Prepare Lemon for Weight Loss With Baking Soda?

Lemon for Weight Loss: Many celebrities mix water with baking soda and lemon to lose weight, and surely even your grandmother has recommended it to maintain your health. Learn how it works and how to make this mixture if you want to lose weight.

Lemon for Weight Loss
Lemon for Weight Loss

How to prepare Baking Soda and Lemon for Weight Loss?

As simple as every morning you mix a cup (250 ml, approx.) Of natural water (some use it at room temperature, others warm) with the juice of half a fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda.

Drink this mixture of baking soda and lemon to lose weight always fasting, in the morning and no more than twice a day (the second is optional, but if you decide, you should drink it before eating food).

What Is It for?

Take bicarbonate with lemon fasting helps people looking to lose weight because it activates the metabolism, but above all, it alkalizes (decreases the concentration of acid in blood and urine). In this way, it helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body that make it not work properly.

The alkaline properties of sodium bicarbonate and lemon combat metabolic acidosis (a condition in which the body produces too much acid because the kidneys do not work properly) or to treat acidity.

Lemon for Weight Loss
Lemon for Weight Loss

In addition, lemon has a high content of vitamin C, which will also help strengthen your immune system and protect you from diseases.

What You Should Take Into Account This Drink

Avoid drinking water with lemon and baking soda if you have a full stomach, as it can be counterproductive.

Also, it is advisable to alternate its use: for every two weeks of drinking, rest two more, in order to avoid alkalosis (excess blood alkalinity caused by the presence of too much bicarbonate or lack of acid in the blood, which causes cramps and tingling in the extremities).

Lemon for Weight Loss
Lemon for Weight Loss

The baking soda and lemon diet is not suitable for people with gastritis, hypertension or cardiac problems. If you do not have these contraindications, you can make it part of your diet. Combined with exercise and moderating your caloric intake you will have results quickly.

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