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The History of Jazzercise

The History of Jazzercise: By its name, it implies Jazzercise fun, fitness, and of course, dancing. Its founder, Judi Sheppard Missett professional jazz dancer, and choreographer coined this term when he officially opened his dance-exercise program in 1974 in California.

History of Jazzercise
History of Jazzercise

The History of Jazzercise

His goal was to have an exercise routine in which people could maintain a good physical condition while having fun and dancing with nice music. As Jazzercise has grown in popularity, Judi had to train the students who teach in various studies conducted in California.

In 1979, his fame had spread to Jazzercise countries in Brazil, Europe, and Japan, people came to meet with their dance and exercise classes.

Judi’s first appearance on television in 1980, has created a line of Jazzercise marches as the students saw how beautiful and slender they looked with their body dressed, a line of clothing was born that is only sold through mail order catalog.

History of Jazzercise
History of Jazzercise

The book, published in 1981 called “Jazzercise: a fun form of fitness” became a best-seller, as well as a record of extinction a year later became gold, all this has served to publicize and promote this fitness program. Since affiliates can buy a Jazzercise franchise for a modest start-up price but pay a 30 percent heavier royalty, the operation seemed to work, however,

In 1980, the Jazzercise franchise had spread to all 50 states in the United States. Judi continued to promote her business/program through a Jazzercise video (1984), a syndicated newspaper column, giving speeches, making public appearances, distributing coupons for Jazzercise classes. Jazzercise clothing could now be purchased at retail stores, plus 2 coupons for 2 free Jazzercise classes.

While the original Jazzercise classes were held at the school or in the basements of the church, at the end of the 1980s he saw the emergence of a more sophisticated gym “Fit is called permanent”. These sites focus on the concept of lifestyle instead of just one class, where the training rooms were attractive and gyms were equipped with a clothing store and a juice bar.

History of Jazzercise
History of Jazzercise

The student can choose between a quick aerobics, or one with a slower and much simpler approach, where classes have been expanded to include Jazzercise junior for children and Jazzercise gym for mothers and small children.

The year 1990 has witnessed Jazzercise expansive marketing, both in the Soviet Union and the White House, which culminated in an alliance in 1992 with Nike, Inc., which was in line with General Mills in 1996, when the company’s total grain Maize became the official Jazzercise, even with the free coupon on the back of the box.

Similar promotions were made with Ore-Ida potatoes in the oven, Boost (energy drink), and finally Ryka, Inc. (1997), along with Smucker’s jam and Quaker Avena cereals.

The late 1990s would witness Jazzercise become high tech who has developed a program called “Jazzercise CyberStretch”, a screensaver that provides step-by-step instructions to help workers stretch wheel desks, relieve pain and relax by doing various exercises in his desk.

To date, Jazzercise is still strong, reaching almost 40 years of notoriety, the promotion of fun and exercise through dance for young and old.

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