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Undocumented Immigrants Protest Inhumane Treatment in Detention Center

Undocumented immigrants Protest Inhumane Treatment in Detention Center who are being held at the La Palma Correctional Center in Arizona protested and threatened a hunger strike in the face of the “inhuman” conditions of their imprisonment.

Inhumane Treatment

A hundred undocumented immigrants detained at the La Palma Correctional Center in Arizona protested today and threatened a hunger strike on the stadium’s sports courts, where they shouted slogans demanding dignified treatment from the authorities.

Francisca Porchas, an activist with the Puente group in Arizona, said the conditions denounced by the inmates are extremely inhumane, to the extent that they are only receiving one meal a day.

He noted that the protesting immigrants were recently transferred from the Eloy Detention Center, also in Arizona, to allow them to move to that internal detention center in California, exceeding the capacity in the state facilities.

The undocumented immigrants and the organizations that watch over them described as “inhumane” the treatment in the La Palma Correctional Center, a private security private management prison, located in Eloy.

“Both family members and the inmates themselves talk about the abuse they are living in Las Palmas, they do not have access to toilets to shower,” explained Porchas while he was standing outside the facilities in support.

The pro-immigrant activist said that the inmates started a hunger strike and that they do not know how long they will keep it.

“We are here to raise our voice, we are demanding to speak with the supervisor of the prisons to put pressure and stop with these deals”, he denounced.

He said that it is time “for human rights to be respected, for them to be released, and for the collaboration between the police and ICE (Office of Immigration and Customs Control) to end.”

Dozens of members of Puente, as well as relatives of the inmates, remained outside the La Palma center to show their solidarity.

From the road, you could hear the songs of the prisoners, as well as the slogans demanding justice.

The detention centers in Arizona have been questioned by pro-immigrant groups for severe treatment of inmates.

At the Eloy Detention Center, 16 inmates have died since 2003, five of them committed suicide.

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