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Trump Does Not Believe That FBI Should Investigate Alleged Abuse of Kavanaugh

“I do not think the FBI should Investigate and get involved,” President Trump said of recent accusations against Kavanaugh about the alleged sexual abuse that threatens to end his candidacy for Supreme Court judge.

FBI Should Investigate
Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before a US Senate hearing.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he does not believe the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, should be involved in the investigation of alleged abuse by his nominee for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I do not think the FBI should get involved because they do not want to get involved, if they wanted to do it, they would believe it, as they say, this is not precisely their scope,” the president told reporters at the White House.

Trump referred to the recent accusations against Kavanaugh about an alleged sexual abuse committed in the 80s and that threatens to end his candidacy for judge of the Supreme Court.

The President reiterated that he has not spoken to the magistrate because he did not want to since he knew that someone would ask if they had talked about the subject: “Especially, I thought it would be good not to do it,” he said.

Trump stressed that Kavanaugh “will do very well” and that he “totally” supports his candidate, but believes that it is necessary to listen to both parties despite the fact that this implies a delay in the confirmation process.

“I think (the Congress) should complete the process (of examining the accusations), because I should not see even a hint of doubt, there should be no doubt” about Kavanaugh’s integrity, Trump said at a press conference with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda.

“I feel so bad for him because I have to go through this … This is not a man who deserves this Honestly, I feel terrible for him, for his wife, who is an incredible woman, and his precious daughters”, stressed Trump.

The controversy arose from a letter sent to the Democratic opposition by the alleged victim, Christine Blasey Ford, in which he said that 36 years ago Kavanaugh tried to surpass her while he was drunk at a party.

The Democrats subsequently sent this letter to the FBI to study the case.

Just yesterday, the FBI ruled and announced that it has sent the letter to the White House under an agreement between the two agencies to share information on investigations that affect nominees by the President for charges.

“The indictment does not involve any federal crime, and the role of the FBI in such matters is to provide information for the use of decision-makers,” the body said, in which the Democrats had asked for detailed inquiries.

Next Monday, Kavanaugh and his alleged victim are summoned at a public hearing before the Senate to address the issue.


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