Cher Reveals Her Secret Romance With Tom Cruise

Yes, you read correctly: they were a couple in the eighties and the spark jumped among them for the most unexpected cause.

Secret Romance: Strong point Cher and Tom Cruz were not friends, but how the love between them emerged. When we talk about Tom Cruise’s sentimental life, we always mention the most holy trinity of women who have most marked his biography: Nicole Kidman , who was his second wife for eleven years after he divorced Mimi Rogers ; Katie Holmes , the one who took her to jump on the couch of Oprah Winfrey and with whom she was married another six; and of course Penelope Cruz , whom he met while shooting Vanilla Sky.

Secret Romance

Cher Reveals Her Secret Romance

But that those were the actresses that most remember the general public does not mean that they were the only ones who have conquered the heart of Cruise throughout his career. There is, for example, the brief romance that he maintained at the beginning of the 80s with the singer Cher, that the artist herself revealed in 2008 and of which there has never been enough talk.

Until today we knew that they fell in love when Cruise was the desired child of Hollywood after having starred in Risky Business with only 22 years and Cher, who was 15 years old, just received his first Oscar nomination for Silkwood. Of course, love lasted very little. Although enough so that today Cher still remembers Tomas one of the five best sexual partners he has ever had in his life.

What the singer had never told is how that love began. A secret of almost state that has also revealed during an interview with the Daily Mail in which he remembers that the first time they both met in person was in 1985 when Madonna and Sean Penn invited them to their wedding. Then nothing happened between them, but I would do it months later under the watchful eye of, eye on the data, the very president Ronald Reagan.

“The White House invited a group of dyslexic people to an act to talk about this learning disorder that, curiously, we both Tom and I suffer from,” explains the singer. “Of course nothing happened there, in fact, we did not start dating until later. But the connection between us began that particular night, “he said. Is not it wonderful that it was precisely that which united them?

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