Trump Asks the FBI and Intelligence to Publish Research Data on the Russian Plot

Trump asks the FBI and Intelligence to publish research data on the Russian plot. The presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, confirmed Trump’s request to the Department of Justice, the FBI and the director of National Intelligence to declassify documents related to the investigations on the Russian plot

Publish Research Data
President Donald Trump participates in a meeting at the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington DC.

President Donald Trump called on Monday to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, and intelligence services to make classified information public in relation to the investigation of the so-called Russian plot.

According to a statement from presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, the president called on the Department of Justice – including the FBI – and the office of the director of National Intelligence to declassify various documents related to the investigations, including text messages from different people involved in the Russian plot.

Among them is the ex-director of the FBI fired by Trump in May 2017, James Comey, and who was his number two and later acting director, Andrew McCabe.

Also the former FBI Peter Strzok, who was dismissed last August, months after it was known that he had exchanged messages with his mistress and co-worker, Lisa Page, about his efforts to stop Trump in the presidential campaign.

The page is, precisely, other people on the list released Monday by the White House, which is also Bruce Ohr, an employee of the Department of Justice who began to be criticized by the President to make public its links to a dossier full of sordid details about Trump.

In addition, the President also requested the “immediate declassification” of other documents:

Among them, 21 pages of a request from Comey of June 2017, based on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), in order to control the communications of the former adviser to the electoral campaign in 2016 of the current president, Carter Page.

Another of the information claimed is the FBI reports of the interviews with Bruce Ohr himself in the framework of the investigation of the Russian plot and all those related to the interviews in connection with the request of FISA on Carter Page.

The spokeswoman justified the measure on Monday for the requests that they have received from committees of the Congress, although she did not specify which ones or how many, and “for reasons of transparency”.

The announcement is framed in a context in which the findings of the Russian plot seem to have advanced significantly in recent days after former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort agreed to cooperate with the authorities and plead guilty to several counts of fraud.

The special prosecutor of the Russian plot, Robert Mueller, investigated since May 2017, independently from the Government, the possible links between members of the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, which the intelligence agencies accuse of interfering in the elections of 2016


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