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5 Top Curious News on the Last Week, September 14, 2018

Of course, I could not miss, one of your favorite sections Top Curious News:  Only here you will see the most curious, unusual and tender news of the network.

5 Top Curious News on the Last Week

Here I leave the five best …

# 1 Guinness Records: the Highest Altitude Restaurant in the World

Meet the highest emerging restaurant in the world. Tiyagyoni is located at 5,585 meters high, on the Imja Tse mountain, also known as Island Peak, in the Sagarmatha National Park, in the Himalayas.

Operated by Indian chefs Sanjay Thakur and Soundararajan, the name of the restaurant means “organic nature” in Sanskrit.

There are three ways to get there. You can take a four-day trip, taking a helicopter to get to and from the restaurant; You can also climb for nine days to the restaurant, and take the rest of the journey by helicopter, or take a seven-day trip.

Tiyagyoni is built with wood and uses solar energy most of the time. It can also withstand wind conditions.

# 2 The Embrace Between Two Strangers Moves the Social Networks

Star Balloon-Bradley was at a football match at Lowndes High School in Valdosta with his nephew Isaiah when the boy decided to greet a stranger. There the boy approached a woman and they began to talk until the lady had to leave at halftime to meet her daughter.

Two weeks later, Isaiah saw the woman again in another soccer game. Isaiah approached her smiling, crawled on his lap and rested his head on her shoulder. She welcomed him with open arms, “Bradley wrote on Facebook.

# 3 Bear Eclipses the Most Romantic Moment of the Wedding

A couple decided to celebrate their wedding at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, but a bear ended up stealing the attention of the entire world.
When the couple was at the most romantic moment of the ceremony, the bear appeared. Although we will never know what he thought about the scene, it certainly seemed annoying.

Top Curious News

The images were taken by Chris and Kristy Photography, who “said that they were lucky to have a picture with one of the animals since normally they will eat when people enter the place. People love the face of the bear, who does not seem at all impressed with the wedding.

# 4 The Sweet Reaction of a Baby When Listening for the First Time

Alex Denman-Sang was born with the loss of hearing on bilateral censor, but thanks to the special hearing, he was able to hear for the first time. The English Alder Hey Children’s Hospital recently shared a video on YouTube that shows the sweet moment when he heard his mother’s voice for the first time.

During the recording of this emotional moment, Alex is seen in his father’s arms and Jen is heard asking him: “Is it, dad? Is it your dad? “And he looks at her with an expressive smile. Then she says “hello … it’s mom, mom”.

# 5 Snakes Break the Roof and Suddenly Fall Into an Australian House

Imagine that you are at home resting peacefully, when suddenly, two huge pythons break the roof and suddenly fall to the ground.
What would you do?

That was what Lana Field, a specialist in hunting for these animals, captured on video when she appeared at the house affected by the unexpected ‘visit’ of these animals. As he explained, the snakes had been fighting in the air ducts and, in full battle, came to break the roof of the house to fall on the ground and continue fighting there.

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