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Medical Insurance in Germany – Medical Insurance in Germany for Students

Medical Insurance in Germany: Within the steps to study in Germany, we have included as one of the priorities for your stay, the contracting of medical insurance, not only because it is important that you are protected during your stay, but also because it is mandatory.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

If you want to study in Germany, one of the requirements that you will have to fulfill is to have a medical insurance. Without this insurance, you will not be able to enroll in the university or take your Visa to study in Germany.

Medical Insurance in Germany

According to German law, all students entering German universities, whether public or private, as well as those students who are in practice, will need compulsory health insurance. Students under 30 or who have not yet passed the 14th semester have this obligation.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

Unfortunately, Mexican medical insurance, private insurance or travel insurance is not enough to cover the requirements and go to study in Germany.

In order to study in Germany, then you will have to take out compulsory health insurance. In the following article, we will talk about the public medical insurance that is mandatory for those students under 30 years old or who have not passed the 14th semester. But we will also tell you in what circumstances it is possible to hire private health insurance. We will also talk about an alternative solution, supplementary insurance.

Below we present the requirements for medical insurance to study in Germany, the types of insurance in Germany and our recommendation of insurance for your visa.

Medical Insurance Requirements to study in Germany:


Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

It is very important that you know the requirements that you need to fulfill in order for your medical insurance to be accepted for your visa since otherwise it will be denied and you will not be able to study in Germany.

  • Coverage of at least 30,000 EUR
  • Coverage covers Germany and the entire Schengen area
  • Coverage for the full duration of the visa
  • Coverage of repatriation expenses for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and emergency hospital care

Although travel insurance meets these points, it may not be recognized, so it is better to look for insurance that is to study or live in Germany and the Schengen area. These countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Below you can see the different types of insurance you can hire.


Types of Medical Insurance to study in Germany

As we mentioned earlier, all students who enroll in German public universities, professional schools and universities of applied sciences, must take out medical insurance. There are two types of medical insurance in Alemania: private and public.

Public Health Insurance


Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

In Germany, 90% of the population has a public health insurance, this medical insurance is responsible for covering all the medical care, as well as the treatments or hospital care and by accident that you could have. The public insurance for students can be hired by students under 30 years and who have not completed the semester no. 14 of studies.

Public health insurance is offered at a reduced price for students of approximately EUR 82 per month. The prices vary a bit in case of being married or having children. These prices are fixed for all public insurances. Although it is public insurance, citizens have the freedom to choose their health insurance company, in this case, it is recommended that you choose one that has offices in the city where you live. Some public insurance companies are:


Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

It is an insurance offered by the State and is one of the largest non-profit insurance organizations in Germany. One of its biggest advantages is that they offer excellent medical care at reduced rates. In addition, to have a fast, competent service and without so many bureaucratic procedures. Among the benefits offered are:

  • Accessible premiums
  • For students, it has a special service “AOK Student-Service”
  • Individual counseling and specialized service provided by student advisers
  • The choice among more than 130,000 doctors and dentists
  • No payments in advance thanks to the AOK card
  • Offices located in accessible places (university cities)
  • Extensive opening hours and quick help without so many bureaucratic procedures
  • Telephone calls nationwide at the price of a local call
  • Asaria and assistance in social security matters
  • A comprehensive program for health and lead a healthy life


Tk (Techniker Krankenkasse) is an insurance company with a community of more than 10 million members. TK offers excellent medical care, as well as excellent services. One of the advantages is that you can receive advice at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Among the benefits offered are:

  • Agreements with specialist doctors and specific clinics
  • Telephone health consultations 24 hours a day
  • The possibility of choosing between a network of 119,000 doctors
  • More than 200 offices throughout Germany
  • Consultations outside office hours
  • Free medical check-ups
  • Includes dental treatments


Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

Around 810,000 people are insured at BKK (Betriebskrankenkassen), it is the third largest insurance company nationwide, with more than 14 million insured and having more than 180 locations throughout the country. The company is distinguished by its effective communication with its insured, helping them to make an analysis of their individual situation, so that in this way they can find the ideal plan for each of them.


DAK is a public insurance provider that provides assistance to more than 6 million people in Germany, one of its advantages is that it has around 400 service centers throughout Germany, so you will surely find one close to where you live. To apply for a membership you only need your university acceptance letter and a photograph. You will only have to wait one business day to receive your certified membership. The validity of the medical insurance will begin at the beginning of the semester.

To know more about this subject you can consult  Medical Insurance in Germany, better safe than sorry  To compare insurance, its advantages and prices we recommend that you consult insurance comparators such as:

0800-Krankenkassen: It is a central website specialized in health issues, offering as one of its special services the comparison of medical insurance. For a better search, you can find insurance that is available in your locality, based on this, find the differences based on health, performance, and price.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

Private medical insurance


Private health insurance in Germany is designed for people who can not access public insurance, or for workers who have a higher income level. Private insurance for students is recommended in the following cases:

  • Students over 29 years old
  • Students who have passed the semester 14

Unlike public insurance, private insurance fees are set based on the sex, age, health status and benefits of the insured, so if you have a low or high quota, it will depend entirely on these indicators. Another particularity of this type of insurance that you must take into account is that all treatments or additional fees must be paid in advance and the insurance company will be responsible for making a full refund or a part depending on what is applicable.

A company that offers an excellent private insurance option is:
Hanse Merkur an independent insurance company based in Hamburg and with coverage throughout the country. Considered the leading company in the field of private insurance (PKV), since its rate ranks first among the 800 in the country.

The company offers private medical insurance in which you can decide what services you want to receive and pay, according to your needs. One of the advantages with respect to public health insurance is that the fees are not paid with respect to income, so the benefits are not reduced if you pay a smaller or larger amount. Among the benefits that the company offers are the following:

  • Design of individual rates: wide selection for the protection of outpatient treatments, for hospitalized or dental patients.
  • Performance guarantee: The services you have contracted are guaranteed, there are no exclusions or changes during the contract period.
  • It is not necessary to have complementary insurance, because it includes services such as dental health and international health insurance.
  • You will have access to shorter waiting times for appointments, in addition to being entitled to a single room in a hospital.
  • Contribution reimbursement: If you almost do not get sick, you can recover some of the contributions paid if you have not used any outpatient or dental treatment in the past calendar year.
  • Free services: Addresses of doctors, medical information about trips or second medical opinions, individual attention programs, among others.

This insurance can be purchased online, you just have to register on your website and send your documents for insurance through email.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

To know more about public and private insurance visit Medical Insurance in Germany, better safe than sorry

Supplementary Insurance for Foreign Students

There is a third type of insurance that is complementary, and in our opinion is ideal for all Mexicans who will study in Germany. The complimentary insurance receives this name because it is made up of the public medical insurance and the services of a private medical insurance, to which they are known as complement.

In addition to allowing cover the “holes” of public health insurance, the best thing about this insurance is that it meets all the requirements and can be contacted online. This insurance is above all very convenient if you are going to enter Germany before you start your studies if you are going to take a language course, an exchange in a university or preparatory courses, you will not be enrolled in the university before entering Germany.

However, when hiring this type of insurance it is very important that you make sure that you allow a change to the public insurance without problems since it is very difficult that once having a private medical insurance, you can change to a public medical insurance.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

For these cases, we recommend Educare24, which is a supplementary insurance to cover all periods of time not covered by public health insurance. This insurance can be contracted online and is the most practical way to do the visa process and then be able to change to public medical insurance when you are studying in Germany.

Also, if you do not meet the public insurance requirements then Educare24 can also serve as your private health insurance.

Educare24 is backed by 50 years of experience in the market providing insurance policies for both study trips and visits abroad. Thanks to Educare24 you can be sure that your stay will enjoy the comprehensive coverage, in addition to having assistance so you do not have any doubt about your insurance.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany


The advantages of Educare24 are:

  • Full coverage
  • Meets all visa requirements
  • Health insurance without a deductible
  • Easy to buy online
  • Independent of the student’s status (even if he is not officially enrolled in the university yet)
  • Very economical (available for only 33 EUR per month)
  • Ideal for when the public insurance cannot be contracted
  • Transition to public insurance


  • Maximum age at the beginning of the 69-year contract
  • Maximum stay abroad for 4 years
  • Have a foreign citizenship
  • The insurance policy must be purchased before the first month of entering the country or begin classes, studies, internships, teaching or research work.
Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

If you still do not know your dates of entry to Germany, you can buy Educare24 medical insurance just by entering the tentative entry date, which will appear on your insurance policy. But as soon as you know your exact arrival date, you must inform the insurance company, in order to receive all the documents of your insurance, for this you will have to send a receipt of the date, either a copy of the plane ticket or your visa.


As you have seen before, medical insurance for studying in Germany is an essential requirement to be able to apply for your student visa and to be accepted at a German university. It is important that when choosing medical insurance, do not choose any type of insurance, since it is important that it meets all the requirements of the visa and the university to which you are going to enroll, otherwise you will not be able to receive your visa and you will not be accepted in the educational institution.

Medical Insurance in Germany
Medical Insurance in Germany

In Germany, all citizens and foreign residents must be insured, for this, there are two types of insurance, public, and private medical insurance. Students by law must have public health insurance also known as mandatory, as long as the student is under 30 years of age or has not completed the 14th semester. Only in certain cases can private health insurance be contracted, for example, when this condition is not met.

However, sometimes public health insurance may have some holes or may not be contracted until you are living in Germany, in these cases a supplementary insurance is the best option, because it allows the student to be protected upon arrival in Germany and the At the same time, you can change to public health insurance once you have your residence.

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