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iPhone XS and XS Max: Full Specification Review First impressions

iPhone XS: iPhone XS and XS Max: first impressions. Are iPhone XS and XS Max significantly better than iPhone X? Like many of the things that Apple does, important changes arise from invisible details to the eye. Most of the improvements are thanks to the A12 Bionic chip that these smartphones have, but let’s not leave aside the exterior design and the fact that the largest phone the company has made, in reality, does not feel very big.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS

iPhone XS and XS Max: Full Specification

Few products, maybe no other in all the time I’ve been covering Apple had generated so much expectation … for the name. Yes, the name. The summer of 2018, as far as technology is concerned, was characterized by the comings and goings of the leaked names of the iPhone that Apple announced at its September 12 event. “iPhone XS? Is that how it’s pronounced?”, “Are not you going to use Plus, now Max ?”, “iPhone XR? What does R mean ?”, “Will it be uppercase or lowercase?”.

They have been surreal moments, funny, at times ridiculous, yes, but a testament more than the importance that Apple has for the smartphone industry, where we are all waiting to understand the next movement of the company to know where it is going to lead.

Finally, Apple launched three new models, two of which are the natural evolution of the iPhone X. As speculated, they are called iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The “surname” S usually give it to the intermediate models, where the design does not change significantly but new functions are added, sometimes new colors and better internal characteristics. Phil Schiller, during the presentation, justified the use of “Max” because the screen of the new 6.5-inch phone is the largest they have ever done, hence that Plus isn’t enough.

Gold Returns

The iPhone 5s brought us the color gold, and with it came the disparate opinions. Some consider it a success, others believe that it is an ugly, unattractive thing and a testament to “Apple tries to be something that is not”.

iPhone XS and XS Max

I’m in the first group, I think the gold color models are an example of the good taste that Apple has when it comes to designing technology, a pretty good way to separate from the competition and give a touch of exclusivity to their products.

With the iPhone XS and XS Max the gold color returns as a stainless steel finish on the edges of the smartphone and in a rather discreet tone for the back. It is very beautiful, and due to the combination of materials, gives a greater sense of luxury than previous models.

Max is Better than Plus

The 6.5-inch model is the largest iPhone that Apple has built, yes. I used all the Plus model that the company made for two reasons:

  • More autonomy, which was significantly superior to the smaller models.
  • The camera in the larger models was always better.

The two reasons, as for many others, were enough to go for the Pluses, but they were always too big and, perhaps, too wide. With the iPhone XS Max, a curious thing happens: it does not feel that way.

In fact, putting a phone and another side by side, the difference is not so obvious.

iPhone XS and XS Max

This occurs due to the proportions of the screen, which are similar to the total proportions of the phone – which was not the case with the Plus because you had to place the Home button on the bottom and the speaker next to the front camera on top -. It is difficult to explain beyond that, even though it is very large, it does not feel that way in your hand.

I always considered that the size of 5.8 inches was a perfect size, but once I tried the iPhone XS Max, I reconsidered it.

Significant Improvements in the Camera

I had the opportunity to try the new bokeh effect and the ability to edit the depth of field of the photos with portrait mode. You can tell that Apple has understood how popular this type of photography is and how important it is to work in that they look their best. There is an important qualitative leap, although the tests I did were with photos previously taken during the first demos that we made to the press after the event.

iPhone XS and XS Max

It will touch to make tests in the real world with more complicated situations and different subjects to understand the real possibilities – and especially limitations – that it has. That said, Apple with its A12 Bionic processor has stepped on the accelerator of “computational photography” and is increasingly differentiating itself – for good – from the competition.

iPhone XS and XS Max

The iPhone XS and XS Max will be launched on September 21 in Mexico and Spain. They can be booked from September 14. In the coming days, we will have our in-depth reviews of the new smartphones.

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