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More Than a Third of the Total Number of Arrests at the Border Represents the Family

Arrests at the Border: According to the DHS, “the number of family units in the southern border increased by 38%, 3,500 more than in July”, which is “the highest figure recorded in August”.

The families of immigrants undocumented immigrants now account for more than one – third of all people entering the United Stateserratically along the southern border, according to the latest data released today by the Government.

 Arrests at the Border
The families of undocumented immigrants make up more than a third of the total number of undocumented immigrants who enter the United States.

Of the total number of immigrants who arrived in the country along the border with Mexico during the month of August, 34.02% -12,774 people- did it together with other members of their family, which represents a significant increase over the last months.

Total Number of Arrests at the Border Represents the Family

Thus, in July the proportion of families that traveled together and were arrested reached 29.57% (9,258 people) of the total intercepted in the southern border area, compared with 27.67% (9,434 detainees) in June and the 23.51% (9,485 detainees) in May.

In this sense, the spokesman of the Department of National Security (DHSTyler Houlton said in a statement that “the number of family units in the southern border increased by 38%, 3,500 more than in July”, which means“the highest figure recorded in August.”

“Traffickers understand better than anyone that our immigration laws do not work, and they know that a family that illegally enters the US is very likely to be released inside (the country).” said the spokesman, who referred to the regulation. that forces them to release families with minors in 20 days.

Houlton also reiterated that the Administration will use “all available resources to regain effective control of the border.”

During the month of August, the authorities arrested 37,544 immigrants who illegally crossed the southern limit, compared to 31,299 in the previous month, 34,091 in June and 40,335 in May.

In total, in the absence of a month for the end of the fiscal year -which begins in October-, the number of apprehensions in the border area is already counted by 355,106 in 2018; compared to 303,916 of the entire course 2017; 408,870 of 2016; 33,333 of 2015; and 479,371 in 2014, DHS says on its website.

In this way, the final record of this fiscal year will be greater than in two of the last four years.

The Government also disseminated data on the total operations of the migration authorities against persons who do not qualify for entry into the country, a category that includes undocumented accesses through illegal ports and that were finally arrested; and those who tried to do it through regulated points but who did not achieve it and entered the deportation process.

In this classification, the total number of people registered in August amounted to 46,560, the second highest figure in the last four years, only exceeded by the figure of 2016, with 51,893 undocumented.

The data comes months after last April the Executive launched the so-called “zero tolerance” policies that implied that all undocumented immigrants who entered the country would be criminally prosecuted, which meant that families with minors were separated.

On June 20, surrounded by criticism, the country’s president Donald Trump was forced to turn back and ban these family separations.

This step generated a problem for the Administration, which was forced to release families with minors when they exceed twenty days in prison, based on the so-called agreement of Flores that fixes there the maximum that a minor can be retained.

Last week, the Trump government proposed a new rule to break with this regulation, which is expected to be taken to court by human rights organizations, who were quick to criticize the measure.

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