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The 7 Best Bug Vacuum of 2020 – Top Picks

Best Bug Vacuum: Insect infestation is one of the worst problems to deal with in the home in our day to day life. Because this tiny creature can easily get into your home through open doors and windows as well as cracks and crevices that you even didn’t know.

We all have at least one person from our family and friend who screams like a kid and yet can’t go to room if spiders or cockroaches are crawling across the ceiling or bed.

Again bed bugs are also harmful to us as they like to live in our beds and bite us which causes wound on our skin. These bed bugs earn their livelihood on human blood.

Bug vacuum is an eco-friendly device that works as the name says. It’s generally a battery-powered device that has a strong suction power that you never miss your target.  It sucks flies, spiders, wasps and mosquitoes from our homes or offices wall, ceilings, floors, and furniture.

Why to Use a Bug Vacuum

If you want to get rid of insects then you badly in need of a bug vacuum. Quality and reliable bug vacuum help to trap slow-moving insects as well as flying insects that are hard to reach.

The nice thing about it that you never need to touch any bugs with your hand.  This is a safety device that helps you to keep the bugs away immediately from a safe distance.

We have studied many Vacuum which is available on the market and made a list of best bug vacuum. We hope, our best bug vacuum review will help you to choose one that matches your requirements very well.

Reviews of the Best Bug Vacuum

#1. BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum

Best Bug Vacuum

If you are looking for a simple and fast vacuum to get rid of bugs, then the BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum can be your ultimate choice.

It’s ingeniously engineered design works in a fun way to manage your bug problem. It has a unique patent-pending design which can create up 10X the instant suction.

It’s clutch free suctioning method sucks up almost any bug that doesn’t move too fast. Its container can be vacated outside. Its handle can be extended around 3 feet and the chamber can hold around 25 large bugs before it needs to be emptied.

BugZooka is a weapon for the kinder and gentler way to win the war on the bug in your home, RVs, garden, and restaurant. This vacuum is not battery operated or powered by electricity.

Unlike electricity battery-powered units that can be damaged by water or wiring problem, the BugZooka is designed to provide a trouble-free use for a long time. It catches bugs silently and instantly.

It is made of high-quality plastics and materials. This is lightweight and compact enough to be carried almost anywhere. It also works great with stink bugs indeed.


  • The fast, simple and clean way to get rid of bugs.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Unique patent-pending design
  • Easy to use with a press of the button
  • Ideal for RV, home, garden, and kids.


  • May experience problem with the trap door on the chamber.

#2. Bert Pest Control Vacuum Spider & Bugs Catcher

Best Bug Vacuum

Bert pest control vacuum is one of the most amazing vacuum among the bug vacuum available in the market. This is a super friendly vacuum as its battery can easily be replaced without any risk by anyone whether adults or kids. It easily catches bugs from a distance.

Its ergonomic gun shape makes it convenient to hold so kids can easily use it to discover and experience the nature with learning fun. It’s transparent glass also lets you see the caught bugs. It features LED light which helps you to catch bugs even in a dark place. This vacuum never harms your furniture.

Bert pest control is a perfect choice for those who are afraid of insects. This is a non-toxic eco-friendly vacuum. This chemical-free catcher helps you to get rid of harmful chemicals in your home, around your children and pets. It is a perfect tool to forget about swatting and cleaning bug spots off the wall. People who hate creepy crawlies can bring this anywhere because of its lightweight.


  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • It comes with LED flashlight.


  • Works for lighter bugs.

#3. Yeslike Insects Catcher

Best Bug Vacuum

Yeslike pest control insect catcher is one of them among the most powerful suction powered vacuums. It ensures that bugs won’t escape and also gentle enough that not to kill the bugs. It’s quiet motor suck up the spider, bug, wasp, mosquito, cockroach and other house pests.

This vacuum is easy to install as it is easy to change the vacuums battery. It uses 9V battery (not included) that can be replaced by anyone. There is no necessity to tape the battery shut to make it work.

This bug catcher is equipped with a LED light to catch the dark crawlers. The ergonomic shape of this vacuum makes it convenient to use for both adult and kids.

This is an eco-friendly vacuum that helps you to get rid of bugs without using any toxic or chemical. It works in a simple clean way without causing any harm to people. It is a unique way to show your care and love to your family. It does not get your furniture and walls dirty by spray or smashing ever again. It is a lightweight vacuum and can be taken everywhere. This bug vacuum is suitable for your home, restaurant, hotels, offices and warehouses.


  • Insect and bug catcher vacuum
  • Powerful suction vacuum
  • Easy to install and change
  • LED flashlight
  • The ergonomic gun shape and lightweight


  • USB charger may cause the problem to hold the charge.

#4. Sonic Technology Bugbuster

Best Bug Vacuum

This yellow bug vacuum by Sonic Technology is a way to get rid of insects without causing any harm to nature. This original bugbuster sucks the culprits like stinging insects safely and later released outdoors with no risk.

It is an insect vacuum that sucks up bugs, flies and insects. This is a powerful and reliable bug vacuum which is ideal for sucking spiders and stink bugs.

It does not cause any harm to spider and gently sucks it into the tube. You can easily catch insect by holding the tube over the it and pressing the button of the motor. This is a safe and non-toxic bug vacuum that suck up bugs gently and keeps them safe.

Sonic bugbuster is battery operated. It has a long tube that helps to reach you to the pest and its strong suction helps you to capture insects from a distance.

This is a lightweight vacuum which is also safe for kids. And so, kids can use it to make their outdoor activity not only for fun but also for learning. It’s clear tube and cap to prevent the insect from escaping helps the kids to study their science lessons. In short, this is an excellent vacuum for trapping and removing spiders, bees and other unwanted guests indeed.


  • Non-toxic and battery operated bugbuster
  • Gently and safely sucks bugs
  • Operated by 9V battery
  • Excellent stoking
  • Reliable and Convenient.


  • The suction may not always be good.

#5. Hammacher Schlemmer Bug Vacuum

Best Bug Vacuum

Hammacher Schlemmer bug vacuum is a cordless device which offers help to the consumer with pest problems. This vacuum with a long tube can capture the most of the bugs within the shortest time.

Its powerful 15-watt motor generates suction five times more than other vacuums. It enables to capture 24 live crickets in only 15 seconds.

Its telescoping tinted nozzle allows the user to see the bees, flies and spiders and an electric grid in the unit’s handle kill insects on contact. The user can also dispose of vacuumed insects by removing the extension tube.

Its lightweight plastic design allows complete control with a flexible accordion neck and a suction cup tip compresses to accommodate tight corners. It recharges automatically when set into AC power dock.

It has a bright green LED that indicates the charging. The power dock measures 301/4” L X 61/4” W X 61/4″ D  (21/2 lbs).


  • Cordless vacuum with a powerful motor.
  • Lightweight design with complete control
  • The vacuumed insect can dispose of by removing the extension tube.
  • Five times more suction power than lesser vacuums.
  • Charge automatically on AC power dock.


  • Electric grid kills the pest.

#6. Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy

Best Bug Vacuum

Nature Bound bug catcher toy is the best choice for kids. This Bug catcher is designed with the safe release mechanism to capture the insects from a safe distance.

It also has a see-through holding chamber to magnify the specimen for study without killing.

This bug vacuum comes with a 4X magnifier that provides an opportunity to study the specimen captured by holding chamber.

A bright green laser light also adjusted with the vacuum which helps the children to target nighttime bugs also.

It’s gun like shape with ergonomic handle and trigger also add great fun to the kids. This toy set by Nature bound operates on 4AA batteries and has a suction power that children can capture their target.

The two units also have carabineer clips to clip them on backpacks, pockets or belt loops. Kids aged from 5 to 12 can play with this bug vacuum toy and enjoy their backyard adventure.

Nature bound toy catcher is designed for kids to capture insect to study. This is an eco-friendly as well as safe vacuum. It sends bug gently into the core viewing chamber for easy catch and release. It can be used seamlessly from indoor to outdoor and day to night with integrated light and 1-inch suction head for all kinds of bugs.


  1. Safe and hygienic capture
  2. Use in both indoor and outdoor
  3. Eco-friendly vacuum toy
  4. Integrated LED light
  5. Battery operated


  • Only for kids play

#7. Ohuhu Bug Catcher

Best Bug Vacuum

If your house or backyard is full of insect infestation then you can try ohuhu bug vacuum as well.  Some insect like-Spider, cockroach and mosquitoes are very common in our day to day life.

can hardly find any people who had not deal with them. Many people are in living in extremely mess because of insect infestation in their home. Ohuhu bug vacuum can solve this problem at a great extent.

It is very effective to remove unwanted insects from your home. It is safe to use and also able to catch smaller bugs also. You can easily catch the bugs with it by pressing IN button. It has LED light that enables you to catch insects in darkness.

This an eco-friendly bug vacuum which does not have any toxic materials. This is a lightweight and portable vacuum so you can carry it anywhere as you want. You can recycle it again and again because it can be charged multiple times.


  • Eco-friendly bug vacuum
  • It can catch smaller bugs too
  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable
  • Equipped with a LED light


  • It has a short battery time.

Things Should be Considered before buying the Best Bug Vacuum

Bug vacuums are simple that provide the easiest way to remove the bug from house or office. Before purchasing a bug vacuum you need to consider some factors like- power, viewing chamber, noise, and budget. Following factors also need to consider which will help you to select the best one for you.

Purpose: the purpose of buying a bug vacuum is the key factor that should be considered before buying. It can be used for various purpose. It can use to remove bugs from home or office as well as study purpose. On the other hand, sometimes kids use bug vacuum as a toy.

Portability: insect infestation can take place both inside and outside of your home or office, so you need to find a portable bug vacuum that can easily carry to anywhere. A lightweight and portable vacuum is ideal for daily activity.

Telescoping Nozzle: nozzle is an important feature that you need to look for before buying bug vacuum. Some insects can be quite intangible and hard to get.  A bug vacuum with a long nozzle helps to reach for the insects without giving them a chance to flee. Again some nozzle has unique doors that trap the insect in the tube.


If you are scared of bugs and there is a huge amount of insects where they’re not supposed to be, then a bug vacuum is a safe way of eliminating insects without using toxin or chemical.

The best thing about bug vacuums is that they are easy and safe to use. Generally, bug vacuum is ergonomic as both adults and kids can use them. Catching insect becomes enjoyable for children through it.

The above forms the top 7 bug vacuum reviews. They are high-quality vacuums that you can use to get rid of bugs. We are hoping that our review on the “best bug vacuum” provides you a little bit of assistance to choose any of these excellent and reliable bug vacuums that you love to have in your home or office.

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