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The 10 Best Trips to Travel Insurance for Students

Best Trips to Travel Insurance for Students: At present, international travel is becoming more frequent among young people. Learning another language, studying or working are some of the reasons that motivate this group to move to a foreign country for a while.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students
  • It is aimed at young people who are going to live for a season in a foreign country.
  • They can hire students of all kinds and also workers.

Before moving, it is important that they inform themselves about the situation of the country of a destination since once there they can find certain problems in what refers, for example, to the sanitary field. For this group, there are insurances that cover all the needs that may arise while they are outside of Spain. They are known as travel insurance for students.

The 10 Best Trips to Travel Insurance for Students

Insured profile

The profile to which these insurances are directed is young people between 18 and 25 years old (although some insurers limit the age even up to 85 years) that move to live for a period of time in a foreign country. Students who are going to study for one year in another country(whether vocational, university or other types of higher education), to do work practices or even to work can access this policy.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

The maximum time for which this type of insurance can normally be contracted is one year. Regarding the minimum time, it depends on the insurer since some even allow it to be contracted for days.

Countries covered by the policy

One of the things that the user must take into account before contracting this insurance is the country to which he is going to travel. Not all insurers offer the same coverages in all regions and the insurance premium can vary considerably depending on the destination. To differentiate them, companies usually distinguish between 3 groups of different countries:

Europeans: Those within the European continent, including Russia and Turkey in their European part. The most frequent, which is usually included in the most basic policies, is that which covers the insured in European countries.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

Countries bordering the Mediterranean: Within this group would be Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Jordan. However, this list may vary depending on the insurer that offers the policy.

Rest of the world: Includes the rest of the countries that do not belong to Europe or are classified as riverine.


There are certain countries that, due to their high level of dangerousness, are not usually covered by any insurer, and if they do, the premium will be quite high. These are usually countries that are at war, in a situation of siege, insurrection or warlike conflict of any kind, even if it has not been officially declared.

Countries at war or siege or insurrection are usually not covered by any insurance company

Travel Insurance for students Coverages

Although the coverages are usually the same as those of a normal Travel insurance, some may vary depending on the premium paid, or be more specific for students, such as those that protect them from the loss of classes.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

Medical expenses

This coverage covers the medical and surgical, hospitalization and pharmaceutical expenses derived from the illness or accident suffered during the trip to the insured.

Depending on the insurer and the type of policy chosen, this coverage will be limited to offering these services or may include many more such as transfers to the hospital or stay of the insured and a companion, dental expenses, delivery of medication, telephone emotional support service or translation service.

The European health card only allows to go to certain centers and does not cover transfers or repatriation expenses.

This is a very useful coverage both inside and outside the European Union since the European health card only allows the traveler to go to certain agreed-upon centers and does not take care of the patient’s transfers to the center or the ambulance or repatriation expenses.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students


Some insurers offer delay coverage in their Travel insurance for students. In the case of having contracted the companies must compensate the client for the expenses that may be generated by the accommodation and maintenance during the wait, as well as the purchase of essential items or the ticket of another means of transport, if necessary. The minimum time to claim it, as well as the amount of compensation, will be set by the insurance company.

Loss of classes

Some insurers offer financial compensation to the student in case the means of transport used suffers a delay or a cancellation that prevents him from going to class.

Advance of funds

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

In case of loss or theft of the card or documentation, this coverage provides the insured with an advance of sufficient money so that he can recover his belongings or re-apply for them.


This coverage allows the insured to cancel his trip with the possibility of recovering the money he has invested, up to a maximum amount that each insurer will have set in the condition of the policy.

However, this does not imply that the insured can cancel the trip for whatever reason, but that the reason for cancellation must be one of those contemplated by the company, which are usually: illness, accident or death of the insured or Some of your relatives, as well as serious damages due to theft, citation for transplants or surgical intervention.

The annulment coverage allows the insured to recover the money he has invested in his trip in case he can not do it.

Depending on the policy, it will also be considered a justified reason for any significant damages or losses that occur in the home, whether due to theft, fire, explosion or natural catastrophes. Others that may also be included are the incorporation to a job, dismissal, call for competitions, being summoned to a polling station or even if the person who cancels the trip is the companion if it is part of the same insurance.

Trip interruption

In the event that the insured decides to interrupt his stay in the country to which he has traveled, the insurance will reimburse him the expenses corresponding to the days not taken in the temporary residence (rent, stay in the hotel, etc …). To do this, you must present the document proving that the accommodation payment has been made (provided that the reason for the interruption is reflected in the condition of the policy).


The repatriation coverage takes charge of the transfers to the country of origin of the insured in case of death or serious illness. In addition, it is normal to also cover the costs of transferring 1 or 2 companions of the insured.



Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

This guarantee protects the insured in case his suitcase is stolen, totally or partially lost or destroyed. However, it is important to bear in mind that in case this happens there are many companies that will only cover it if it occurred while traveling.

In addition to the above circumstances, there are policies that also include the search for lost luggage or run the expenses that may be generated by the delay in the arrival of luggage.

Civil liability and legal defense

Most companies usually include liability coverage in their Travel policies for students. In case of having it, the insurance will be the one that takes charge of the personal and material damages that the insured has involuntarily caused to a third party. In addition, of this, legal defense usually include most insurance. Provides legal advice by telephone and covers the expenses generated by the legal defense, as well as the advance of the judicial bond.

Travel Insurance for students
Travel Insurance for students

Accident compensation

The accident guarantee indemnifies the insured if he suffers permanent disability as a result of an accident during the trip or to his relatives in case of death.

Protection abroad

Traveling to a foreign country can be a pleasant experience if you go totally prepared. In many occasions, the way of life, the organization or the language can suppose a barrier that can cause that the trip is not as it was planned. To prevent this from happening, it is best to be well protected.

Travel insurance for students can help overcome these small obstacles that arise when you are out of the country of origin. If you want to hire travel insurance, you a wide variety of policies from which to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

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