Stormy Daniels Asks to Continue the Case Against Trump

Stormy Daniels Asks to Continue the Case Against Trump. The lawyer of the porn actress asked that Trump and Cohen not “leave the case without facing any real consequence or a meaningful inquiry into the truth”

Case Against Trump
The porn actress Stormy Daniels asked through his lawyer, Michael Avenatti, that the case against President Donald Trump and his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, follow its course, despite the attempts of both to close it.


Porn actress Stormy Daniels asked on Monday through her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, that the case against President Donald Trump and his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, continue its course, despite the attempts of both to close it.

In a brief before federal judge S. James Otero of the Central District of California, Avenatti asked that Trump and Cohen not “come out of the case without facing any real consequences or a meaningful inquiry into the truth.”

This weekend, Cohen first and Trump then proposed to the judge to desist from the suit thus giving the reason to Daniels, in a new strategy to avoid being called a statement, precisely what Avenatti intends.

The case has its origin in the payment of $ 130,000 from Cohen to Daniels before the presidential election of 2016 in exchange for the silence of the porn actress about an alleged idyll that she maintained with the new president a decade ago.

When that payment was leaked to US media earlier this year, Daniels took the case to the courts to invalidate the pact, claiming it was null because Trump never signed it and made the idyll public.

Cohen, in fact, pleaded guilty in mid-August to a crime for violating political campaign finance rules for payments to Daniels and Playboy ex-model Karen McDougal, in which he implicated Trump.

The lawyer said he acted under Trump’s orders, although the president maintains that he learned about the payments after the elections and denied any relationship with Daniels.

“Cohen is a criminal, and Trump is his accomplice, they signed the agreement and paid $ 130,000 to benefit the Trump campaign and to hide information from voters during the 2016 elections, ” Avenatti said in his letter.

“The public interest to continue with this case is evident, to end now with the case after all the lies, deceptions and tricks previously exposed would be premature and erode public confidence in the courts,” he said.

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