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How to Choose the Best WordPress Migration Plugin?

Best WordPress Migration Plugin: Whenever we hear about WordPress migration, we get tensed about the process. Might be due to its complexity or anything, people generally don’t want to get themselves in the migration process. But things has to be changed now. We can’t change this fact that migration is equally necessary for the site with all the other important tasks.

The Best WordPress Migration Plugin

What makes migration possible is the use of best WordPress migration plugin, and here I will let you know about all the ways you can check before choosing any plugin to migrate your site. Lets first start with the proper definition of Migration.

Best WordPress Migration Plugin
Best WordPress Migration Plugin

What is Migration of any Site?

The overall migration of any website is related to the moving of it to a new host. It is considered as one of the most toughest tasks to do in WordPress, though the use of the most modern technology can shed off this curtain. Migration is nothing to be concerned more about when you have a good migration plugin.

With WordPress, you can migrate the site as follows –

  1. First of all, backup your website’s files.
  2. Then after export the WordPress database.
  3. Create the WP database on your new hosting server.
  4. Edit the wp file, then import your database
  5. Upload the files to the new hosting server, then link it to the new URL/Domain.

So what do you think must be the ideal features of a good Migration plugin? Well, in case you don’t know, you can get them confirmed through these points mentioned here.

Here Are The Characteristics You Need to Check:

1. Less Clicks, More Results –

Setting up of the migration puts you in many dialog boxes to check the set/reset formats. But you should look for a plugin that could set up the migration environment in less number of clicks, the best one will be within a single click only. Just go the module, and start your migration. BlogVault is one such plugin you can look for, it has this illuminating feature.

2. Convenient Backup –

Before migrating your website to any new host, it is very necessary to take the backup of your data present on the site. So it’s the duty of the migration plugin to provide you this convenience. Choose the plugin that has been tested on all the Operating systems. Your plugin must also be compatible with all the hosts. The best plugin will be the one that can provide you push and pull convenience for your databases.

3. Website Support –

I think this one should be the most important feature you should be searching for. In terms of migration, its not the term of mere one website. But you can also have the requirements for multisite support as well. So our feature for the requirement will be seamless multisite support, without any overload on the website. Your working sites should get affected in any form.

4. Import/Export System –

So migration is all about the import and export of site’s data and the site itself. So without an ultra-fast import/export system, a good plugin can’t be a better one. It must have features like drag and drop files, import them, database export and etc. so that you can push the data and pull it out whenever you want to. It will be much better if your plugin is able to store migration profiles.

5. Process Tracking –
A plugin will be of much better comfort if it will have this feature for you. With the tracking and progress alert, you can easily check for the tasks that are going on on your site, and check whether the migration process has been completed or not. Most of the plugins have a tracking alert system that can notify you with the process going on.

6. Migration Extensibility –

A good plugin will provide you all the possible migration extensibility. Whether you want to migrate your site to a new URL or domain, or a different web host, or you want to move your WordPress from staging to live domain. Your plugin should provide all these extensions for migration. Also, migration of large site is always a problem, so the plugin must need to have a proper setup for migration irrespective of file size so that in terms of migrating large sites, servers won’t timeout and the site doesn’t get broken as well.

7. Zero Downtime Migration –

Zero downtime of a site is a condition when the site gets down and the URL doesn’t point to the destination. Since migration is a time taking process, conditions like this can occur. So to prevent this condition, you must be able to enter the IP address of your new server so that at the downtime also your migration process doesn’t stop.

A plugin for migration must be independent of web hosts, also when you are moving any site to a new URL, only changing any website URL is not enough. You need to change every post, page and links to those pages as well. So now it’s up to you to search for the right migration plugin that could provide you all these features.

Here was my Blog telling you about the ways of choosing the best WordPress migration plugin. I must also suggest you to check every plugin for these features before installing it for your WordPress. You can check for the plugins like BackupBuddy, BlogVault, UpDraftPlus, that have got most of the features I have described above.

Let’s check a quick guide how you can perform the migration using BlogVault –

  • Install the BlogVault software in your system, and start with the backup module. This you will be doing to take the backup of your site.
  • Directly do it from ‘Migrate’ feature of the module, or you can do it from the history feature.
  • After that, you need to fill in the FTP details, with your username and password.
  • Then select the place where your WordPress is installed, and choose what you want to migrate.
  • Followed by some authentication, your process for migration will be started.

Migration is probably considered to be the toughest of tasks within WordPress, but it’s not like that exactly. Though I am not denying that it can’t be an irritating one, but with the use of good plugin with proper functionality, you can easily complete this process. And the latest plugins with the most modern technology has made it even easier.

So use the right migration plugin for you and migrate your WordPress site in an organized manner. Also, take care that your plugin is easy to handle or not. As this will help you to perform your migration tasks easily. It’s also suggested to take the help of any expert to understand the working of the plugin.

Hope you will be able to perform the migration task in a smoother manner. Thanks for reading my Blog, please do share it with your friends as well!

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