Nearly 500 People Die From Traffic Accidents in Puerto Rico Every Year

Accidents that occur every year in Puerto Rico cause about 40,000 injuries

Traffic Accidents
In the last 11 years, there have been 39 fatalities of minors between the ages of 0 to 9 years involved in traffic accidents in Puerto Rico.

Traffic Accidents: About 500 people die every year in the 350,000 traffic accidents that are recorded in Puerto Rico on average, according to official data revealed this Sunday by the lower house of the island and reason for evaluation tomorrow of a project that seeks greater protection for minors in protective seats.

People Die From Traffic Accidents

The House of Representatives informed through a communiqué that the measure gives the Bureau of the Fire Department and the Commission for Traffic Safety the power to issue certifications and provide guidance on the proper installation of protective seats for minors.

The initiative responds to the fact that the accidents that occur each year in Puerto Rico cause about 40,000 injuries, a considerable number of which affect children who are not in the required protective seats or are in protective seats that were not properly installed.

In the last 11 years, there have been 39 fatalities of minors between the ages of 0 to 9 years involved in traffic accidents, is worrying that, in 26 of these cases, the minors were not in the protective seat, the statement said.

On the island, 3 out of 5 protective seats are installed incorrectly.

The project requires that each driver with a minor needs a certification that will include the driver’s name, his license number, the model of the protective seat and the date of completion of the same.

According to the proposed legislation, it is detailed that a seat with a backward facing position, or in an infant-only seat, must be those under 0 to 2 years whose weight is 22 pounds or less.

In addition, a seat with a forward facing position should be used for children over 2 years of age weighing 23 to 40 pounds and children aged 4 to 9 years weighing more than 40 pounds and with a height of less than 4. 9-inch feet should use a convertible seat.

This is the project 1744 of the authorship of the president of the body, Carlos Mendez, in conjunction with the legislator Jose Gonzalez.

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