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The 10 Best Tips to Compare Auto Insurance

Compare Auto Insurance: Car, Home, Health even for a mobile phone. Hiring an insurance is something completely normal for all those who have a vehicle or a mortgage. But it is something every day, and sometimes mandatory, as in the case of car insurance, does not make it an easy or enjoyable process.

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

How to Compare Auto Insurance?

If you have already faced the situation of having to take out insurance, of whatever kind, you will have verified that it is more complex than you thought a priori. Not only there is a large number of insurers that can offer you apparently the same type of product as others, but many of them have more than one policy for the same good that you want to insure.

Compare as a measure to save time and money

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

An error that you can fall into when buying insurance is to choose the first one that falls into your hands since this does not have to be the cheapest, nor the one that offers you the greatest number of coverages, nor the one that best suits your client profile.

In order to save users time and money, insurance comparators are born, such as According to the report Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012 prepared by the consultant Ernst & Young, the online comparison sites are the source to which 48% of the users consulted would go when looking for a new policy.

More recent data, those provided by the report by Millward Brown in October 2013 to ensure that online insurance comparators are the first source of consultation, used by 50% of those consulted. In addition, in the last 12 months prior to the study, 48% of respondents said they had compared car insurance, 1% more than in the previous period.

To compare has become, for many users, the previous step and indispensable at the time of contracting an insurance either of Car, of Home, Health or even of Pets. The comparator automatically obtains the policies that are most adapted according to the answers given in the previous questionnaire. But do you really know how a search engine works? and if so, do you know how to compare insurance?

Ways to compare insurance

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

The first possibility that you should discard is to go from office to office in search of information since that would take you a lot of time, so the most feasible options to make a comparison are through 2 ways: telephone and online.

Compare online

Compare insurance online allows you to study and analyze carefully each of the coverage that includes the policy and the price. The drawback of this option is that you must repeat the same process on the websites of each of the insurers. Therefore, the most convenient, easiest and easiest way to find insurance is to make a comparison in a search engine, as is the case.

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

It is very easy, you enter to select the one you are looking for and start the comparison. You know how to do it?

Steps to follow to compare insurance online

  • The first thing to do is to enter the insurance section.
  • Select the insurance in which you are interested.
  • Start to make the comparison. For this you will have to fill out a questionnaire where they will ask you for the information regarding your car, the driver or drivers of the vehicle and the old insurance, in the event that the car is not new and is or has been previously insured.
  • Once you have finished the process you will receive by email a series of insurance with the prices obtained.
  • At that time you have 2 options: press the button that redirects you directly to the website of the company or companies you have chosen or request a commercial call from the insurers you want.

Compare by phone

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Another option you have to check prices and coverage of any insurance is to do it over the phone. In this way, you can consult the operator of the insurance company any doubts you have about the coverages, services or prices of each policy. But this choice will force you to make many calls, as many as assured you have preselected. In addition, another disadvantage is that you do not have any type of document in which to consult the information.

How to compare insurance over the phone?

Although is an online comparator, it is also possible to make telephone inquiries and speak directly with a member of our team, where you can consult any doubts you may have about how to make the comparison.

  • On the website earlyintime.com you can click on the blue button that appears at the top “Do you need help?” Or request to be called directly from here.
  • You must fill out a form with your name, email, telephone number, the time you wish to receive the call and the type of product you are going to request information about.

They will call you back the same day, as long as you request it during the opening hours. The telephone is the only way available if you do not have email, an essential requirement to receive the budget obtained through an online comparison, but we will also help you if you are doing the online comparison and have difficulty understanding any questions. You need to answer all of them as accurately as possible if you want to successfully complete the comparison and obtain a budget adapted to your profile.

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

You have to know that …

You contract directly with the insurer

Something you must be clear is that at no time offers advice or opinion on the product you want to hire. If you opt for insurance we will put you in touch with a commercial from that insurer. It will be the latter who formalizes the policy, in case you decide to hire it.

The price may vary

The prices of the insurance that you have obtained through the comparison made are not 100% fixed, but at the time of contracting with the insurer they can vary due to 3 reasons:

  • DNI: the insurer at the time of formalizing the insurance will ask for your National Identity Document. If through it they discover that you have some unpaid debt or that you are on a list of defaulters, for example, the premium you will have to pay will be much higher. Depending on the insurer, it may be a reason not to grant you the insurance.
  • Previous policy number: your previous policy will influence the bonus. The more parties you have previously given, the more you will have to pay for your new policy.
  • Incorrect data: at the time of making the comparison you may have been wrong in some of the data such as, for example, the power of the vehicle. The error in some data can cause that the final price of your insurance is different.
Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Compare car, home, health or even pet insurance is the way to save time and money when hiring. you can find the one that best suits you since we offer you prices from a large number of insurers and products but remember that what we do is facilitate the search, which you choose is you.

Best 10 tips to compare different auto insurance

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

The acquisition of your auto insurance should be one of the best decisions, analyzed and studied that you should perform, and this is because before you quote your auto insurance you should know certain points and/or relevant advice to find the best insurance policy that suits your pocket and lifestyle.

An auto insurance is a document based on a service agreed with an insurance company which provides security, shelter, and care of both your property and your person and other possible third parties that may be affected or injured in a car accident.

That’s why we present the top 10 tips for comparing different auto insurance  :

1. Evaluate your budget to invest in your insurance policy

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Due to the fact that the insurance market has expanded over the years, we have the advantage of finding different types of services, companies, payment methods, costs, coverage, among other aspects that we usually evaluate when choosing our insurance.

Be sure to rate the top price to invest in your auto insurance, and based on that you can reduce the list of insurance companies in only those that meet this first parameter which is the cost of the service. However, you should consider that in many cases the cheap can be expensive, ensuring not to save excessively since you could end up spending much more than expected in future payments (possible accidents).

2. Make sure what coverage you want to quote

Within our 5 tips to compare different auto insurance, it is very important to take into account which coverage you intend to quote to include in your insurance policy; although it is true, the main coverage is Civil Liability, but after it, there are others such as:

  • Limited: Covers automobile accidents and/or accidents
  • Broad: Covers the previous service, plus medical assistance, road, funeral, among other services depending on the company.
    Compare Auto Insurance
    Compare Auto Insurance

3. Study the market that offers the same service

The best way to compare is the secure online quote, characterized by being effective, easy and convenient to use; Accessing this platform you can find all the existing companies that offer the service you are looking for.

Make sure you take into account the credibility between the companies, that is, which offers you the best price and the best service.

4. Evaluate additional insurance services

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Another of these 5 tips to compare different auto insurance is to make sure you know each of the alternative services that can bring coverage, some are very basic from road assistance, to other deeper services and funeral expenses. All these points can be key when it comes to quoting your auto insurance. And is that thanks to this you can be clear about what services you can claim at the time of an accident and what not.

When we are looking for an insurer to protect our car we cannot choose it at random and much less for the lowest price, since the end this can be very expensive. recommends you compare in your web quoting so you can get price and coverage information.

5. Get quotes from various insurance companies

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Through our website, you can quote and obtain the prices and the different coverages of the main insurers in Mexico. In this way, you will choose the one that best suits your budget and your needs.

6. Investigate the reputation of insurers

The Condusef is one of the best agencies to compare auto insurance and know the opinion of other people regarding insurers.

7. Confirm the details of each quote

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

It is important to review the coverage offered by each company or agent in your quote. For example, two insurers have a deductible of $ 10,000 but one offers coverage for civil liability and total theft, while another provides protection for property damage and shocks, which one is better for you? It depends on what you need.

8. Take a look at the general conditions and exclusions


  • Which risks are covered (collisions, fires, damages, etc.)?
  • The limit of liability of the company.
  • Exclusions-situations where the insurer is exempt from payment.
  • How they work in case of an accident.
  • What do assistance services they provide?
  • Maybe the additional benefits are important to you. For example, some insurances offer tire changes, towing or road assistance when you run out of gas.

9. Evaluate your personal circumstances

Compare Auto Insurance
Compare Auto Insurance

Insurance companies will give you their best quote, but it may not suit 100% of your personal circumstances. Allow an agent or broker to advise you about it.

10. Find The Auto Insurance

we work with the main insurers of the market so you can find the auto insurance that best suits your needs and budget. To quote your auto insurance you just have to click on the button below.

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