Top 10 Best Travel Insurance for Thailand in 2019

Travel Insurance for Thailand: If you have come to this post is because you doubt whether to take out travel insurance to Thailand, or spend the issue to save a little money. You may also be looking at what company to ensure you with. I will try to help you in both cases.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

We think you should buy insurance because health in Thailand does not work as it does in Europe, it is expensive and expensive. If you continue reading you will see how we learned that important lesson and with what travel insurance, we traveled since then.

Our First Trip to Thailand

Bangkok, the room of a guest house near Khao San Road. It is any day of July and it is already night. I’m 40 with fever and it does not go down. Gloria thinks as it is said in English my boyfriend is sick after putting me for the third or fourth time a piece of cold water and giving me another paracetamol. Everything had started in the afternoon with strong diarrhea that gradually came to me in a huge malaise.

Honey, I think it ‘s time we called the insurance …

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Nothing else to call by telephone the situation already began to improve. They calmed Gloria a lot and soon a taxi came to pick us up and took us to the hospital. Two hours later we were back in the room and luckily I was much better.

It was our first time in Asia and we hesitated until the last moment whether to get travel insurance or not. Fortunately, sanity finally prevailed and we did not take any chances. The next day we talked about how we got it right while having dinner on a night train to Chiang Mai.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Our case was not serious and would have been solved. Although going to a hospital in Bangkok in the emergency did not cost us less than € 300. Imagine if something a little more complicated happens to you like a broken arm or an appendicitis operation … The peak can go up to several thousand Euros. Also in Thailand, there is malaria so if you bite the blistering mosquito can be well brown …

Needless to say, since that time we always travel with medical insurance and we recommend all our friends to do the same.

With whom do I contract travel insurance to Thailand?

I go back a little. Once we decided that it was necessary to have travel insurance to go to Thailand I started to investigate all the possibilities for several days and compared one by one those offered by several companies such as Mapfre, Intermedial, Axa, World Nomads, and IATI.

I was not alone in comparing the websites of the insurance companies, I was also looking in forums about other aspects of travel insurance in Thailand: opinions, recommendations, etc.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Finally, we decided on IATI for all the following:

  • The price is very good In fact it is the cheapest of all in relation quality price.

  • You have several types of insurance with different coverages for you to choose the one that best suits your trip.
  • If something happens to you, it is they who loosen the money directly, you do not have to advance a hard one in any case. Many insurers give you back the money after presenting the bills and if you get sick and do not carry enough money or a visa you get into a mess even though you have religiously paid your insurance.

  • The phone you are calling in case of any problem works to collect and they answer you in Spanish.

  • It is the insurance that most travel bloggers recommended at the time and it continues to be today.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Travel Insurance for Thailand?

Well, the price depends on the type of insurance you decide to hire and the number of days you have planned to be Thailand. So that you can get used to the idea of what it will cost to take out travel insurance to Thailand, I have compiled the prices that the different IATI insurances have in April 2019. These prices are already with the 5% discount for doing it from here. By the way in the video at the end, there are some tips with which you might save an extra euro when you take out insurance.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

The safest thing is that you are here because you already have super clear what is the next trip of your vacations and now it is the moment that we talk about which is the best travel insurance for Thailand. Because you should know that it is SUPER important that you travel protected and insured.

Well, as you know,  we ALWAYS use IATI  for all trips, so it is undoubtedly the one that we are going to recommend also on this occasion.

It is very normal that you have doubts when choosing travel insurance, that is why in your day we wrote this post about the reasons why you should always travel with travel insurance, and that’s why today we are writing this other article in which we will tell you everything you need to know about the perfect travel insurance for Thailand and whether you need it or not to embark on your adventure through the land of smiles

Do I need travel insurance for Thailand?

One of the things we have learned from our trips is that trying to save on some aspects of your travel budget, such as health, can be very expensive. Much more in cases like this, in which a little medical nonsense can cost you a fortune.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Therefore, our advice is that you choose the best travel insurance for Thailand, since something that seemed silly can turn into something serious and ruin the budget of the vacations and the whole vacations. Good medical and travel insurance is a must if you are traveling to Thailand.

It is risky and irresponsible to travel without a travel medical insurance that covers any problem you may have. Because IATI travel insurance does not only cover medical problems.

Problems that you can have during the trip and that a health insurance for Thailand can solve you

Food poisoning

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

As we have already told you in many posts of our guide of Thailand, like this one full of tips before traveling, in Thailand, there is enough risk that you take some stomach bacteria because of the water. It is more than we tell you that you always have to drink bottled water, but no matter how careful you are, there are things you will not be able to control.

Diseases caused by mosquito bites

Northern Thailand is one of the most important malaria centers in Southeast Asia. We know that you will protect yourself against mosquitoes and that they do not have to sting you, but it is super important that you are protected.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand


Having a motorcycle accident

It is super usual when you travel to Thailand especially in the islands as Koh Samui rent a motorbike to travel it all in a much more comfortable way. But motorcycle accidents in Thailand are the most common, since the driving there is quite chaotic and the asphalt of the streets of the islands is usually not in the best possible state, so any precaution you take is small.

Robberies and crimes

Although Thailand is a super safe country, it is not an exception to this type of situation (although theft is punished very harshly), especially in the larger cities. No matter how careful we are with our most valuable belongings, these things can happen to us at any time without us noticing.

Losing your mobile, computer or camera

During your vacation in Thailand, it is very likely that you go from one city to another, taking different transports (bus, taxi, trains …), so all that hustle and rush to arrive on time to see everything can make you forget some of your bags or backpacks  or they can make you lose your camera or your phone without realizing it.

What Is the Best Travel Insurance for Thailand?

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

I suppose we have already convinced you: it is essential that you travel to Thailand with good insurance, as we did. As soon as you buy the tickets, the next thing you have to do is to take out your travel insurance. But not any insurance. We hire the best and the cheapest.

The world of insurers is pretty bad because there are so many types of insurance and coverage that it is impossible to know which one suits what we need or are looking for at any time. We no longer have this problem, since 2016 we use what is for us the best medical insurance for Thailand and for any trip in general.

IATI Seguros is the best insurer if you want to travel to Thailand, as they have packs that seem to be made for these types of trips. That is why we have obtained a discount for readers of Comiviajeros :

Why buy travel insurance for Thailand with IATI?

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Surely you’re wondering why we recommend IATI insurance and not others. Well, these are our three main reasons :

Attention in Spanish

It’s pretty terrible to be bad when you’re on vacation, to be worried about being understood. Even if you manage well with English, in those moments you want everything to be simple and maybe describe what your problem is much easier in your native language. At IATI they will always attend you in Spanish.

Value for money, it’s the cheapest insurance

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Being totally covered when you travel does not always have to cost a million. The idea is to find travel insurance for Thailand that is cheap but also covers all the unforeseen events that may occur during the trip. And that’s where they are experts in IATI. If we compare the insurance of IATI with those of other well-known companies, this is what we get:

  • Travel Insurance IATI ESTRELLA + Cancellation for 2 weeks in Thailand: From 84 euros to 100 euros. 
  • Allianz travel insurance:  151 euros  (66 euros more expensive)
  • Intermedial travel insurance:  234 euros  (150 euros more expensive)

You do not have to advance money

This is one of the things that undoubtedly make the IATI Star insurance the best travel insurance option. The cheapest insurance that you will find the market, have the problem that if something happens to you, you will have to advance the money you need to cover hospital or other expenses and then they will return it. With IATI it is not like that.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

If you call your 24-hour permanent service center to provide medical assistance (you will find the number on your insurance policy), you will not have to advance the payment of medical expenses since they take care of everything. Not a single euro. And that should give you a lot of tranquility.

In addition, the good thing about IATI insurance is that its coverages are specifically adapted to what you need on each trip. I’m going to show you an example of the coverage of each type of insurance for a three-week trip to Thailand:

How to hire the cheapest travel insurance for Thailand

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

If you have arrived here it is because you are clear that you want to hire your travel insurance with IATI … GREAT! Because in addition, you will be able to enjoy a discount for being a reader of Comiviajeros so that you can save more on your insurance and you can spend it on eating pad this To do this, we will explain step by step how you should do to be able to benefit from the discount easily:

  1. Access IATI.
  2. Complete the form information and calculate your budget to find out how much your travel insurance will cost depending on the days you are going to dedicate to your trip to Thailand.
  3. Select the type of travel insurance for Thailand that best suits your needs (we recommend the IATI Star + Cancellation Insurance).
  4. Fill in all your personal data.
  5. Choose the payment method and accept the conditions to complete the processing of your insurance for Thailand.
  6. Fill in the payment information and click on the ‘Pay’ button.
  7. Check your email because you will receive a confirmation message with the purchase and then the policy and all the information related to your travel insurance.

We were not aware of how unconscious we were being, and we did not bother to investigate and ask ourselves questions such as what is the best travel insurance for traveling to Thailand? Is it mandatory to travel to Thailand with insurance? Is it really necessary?

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

It was on our second trip through Southeast Asia, when we discovered how important and necessary it is to travel with travel insurance always, and the importance of choosing one that takes care of everything.

We had been installed in Aonang Thailand for several weeks and Fran became ill. We had no idea how to act, or exactly where to go, if a hospital or if any of the dozens of private clinics that are around here in AoNang. For this reason, I have decided to write this post about how to act if you get sick in Thailand, my opinion and experience on whether it is necessary to have insurance to travel to Thailand and what is the best insurance to travel to the country.

It is not an official article, I am sure there are different ways of acting, and I would appreciate it if you have a different experience to share with us to expand this article. Here I want to share how we acted the first time we had to go to the Hospital in Thailand.

How to act if you get sick in Thailand and because you should ALWAYS have travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Our experience:

A few days ago Fran got up very bad from the stomach with all that entails. At first, we thought that something he had eaten the night before had been bad for him and we did not give much importance, but in less than an hour, he got very feverish.

  • The first thing we did was to call our travel insurance company several times (it was Fit2trip), to ask them how to act.
  • The option that they gave us at first was, that we waited for them to get in touch with any of the clinics with which they have an agreement.
  • After waiting more than an hour, I called again this time quite angry and increasingly worried, asking for another solution and that we would not wait any longer.
  • Finally, they told us to go on our own to find a private clinic that accepted international insurance.
  • We had the great luck that all this caught us in Ao Nang, this is a 100% tourist city, thanks to it is full of private international clinics. But what if he had caught us somewhere else?
  • Since we had been living in Ao Nang for a few weeks, we already knew where some of these private clinics were. We asked in two of them, and we were already in the second (Wattanapat clinic, is the one that has a life-size figure of a doctor with a huge syringe)
Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand
  • In the clinic, they did a lot of tests, they took blood etc.
  • The first thing they told us was that they needed a guarantee of payment, so I called the insurance again and in a half hour they sent it by e-mail.
  • One hour later, the doctor of the clinic, tells us that we have to go to the Hospital, which wants to do more tests that in the clinic cannot be done.
  • In a few minutes, we were mounted in an ambulance on the way to Trang, a city about two hours south of Krabi.
  • When we arrived at the hospital and after more tests, they told us that I would have to be admitted at least one night.
  • Finally, he stayed two days entered.
  • We were in a private room for him alone, I had a large sofa where I slept those days.
  • In the hospital, the attention and the service, both of the nurses, and of the doctor was IMPECCABLE.
  • Fran had a colon infection.
  • After two days in the hospital, he was discharged and they gave us the bill.
  • We were very lucky that it was not necessary to operate it. Even so, the account was € 1700, if as you read it. € 1700
  • Our insurance was franchised, so we had to pay € 150 and the rest took over the insurance.
  • After we were discharged the insurance did not take care of the return from Trang to Ao Nang, so we had to find our lives in the journey of more than two hours back.

Conclusion after experience and opinion:

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

When this happened to us, we traveled with the company Fit2Trip, this, had an inexpensive offer for a travel insurance only health, for a full year (this offer no longer exists).

The truth is, when we hired him, we only looked at what went cheap for us.

All the mistakes we made :

  • Not to be aware that in some “more serious” cases the coverage offered would not have been sufficient. For example, in case you had to operate.
  • We did not seek opinions from other travelers about whether they were fast and effective.
  • We did not investigate, about details as important as the transfers were covered. What would have happened if, instead of Trang, we had to move to a bigger hospital in Bangkok? How much should we have spent than on the return to Ao Nang?

Why do we decide not to hire cheap travel insurance and what is our travel insurance currently?

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Since we lived the experience of being admitted to a hospital while traveling, we were really aware of the importance of traveling with good travel insurance. Putting security ahead and calmly above the price.

We considered that at that time we were very lucky, finally, Fran did not have anything really serious and did not have to be operated. Even so, two days in the hospital were € 1700.

After the experience, after much research and reading in hundreds of blogs seeking opinions on which is the best travel insurance. We decided to opt for Iati insurance.

Travel Insurance for Thailand
Travel Insurance for Thailand

Conclusion: What is the best insurance to travel to Thailand?

  • Obviously, the best travel insurance is the one you never have to use.
  • We sincerely believe that there is no perfect insurance to travel to Thailand or anywhere in the world.
  • In our case, and after the scare, we seek to travel 100% covered, without the franchise, without having to advance a hard and with high coverage in case something serious happens.
  • We counted and answered a lot of questions from other readers about this topic in the post.
  • Currently, as customers, our readers can take advantage of the famous 5% discount.

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