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Massive Raids in Texas Leave More Than 200 Undocumented Immigrants

Massive raids in Texas leave more than 200 undocumented immigrants. The “Zero Tolerance” policy on the southern border continues to yield a large number of catches

Undocumented Immigrants
Increase in catches by the Border Patrol in Arizona

The new and hard blow from the Border Patrol in the state of Texas.

At least 231 undocumented people, including numerous families, were detained in several Border Patrol raids this week in the state of Texas, the agency said in a statement.

In the north of Laredo, agents found last morning 55 immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and Nicaragua, who were trying to cross the border irregularly hidden in the back of a truck.

The driver of the vehicle, of American origin, was arrested and will be accused of human trafficking and risk to health, since, according to the official version, the group of immigrants was traveling with temperatures above 37 degrees and were in an obvious state of dehydration.

The head of the Laredo patrol, Jason D. Owens, explained in the note that this is the most common practice for illegal crossings, so one of his goals is to make sure that these people are treated “with humanity.”

Between September 4 and 5, CBP registered in four different operations 16 people, whose vehicles tried to run away at first.

In addition, despite the controversy arising from the government’s “zero tolerance” policies that separated thousands of children from their parents after being detained on the Mexican border, the police continue to arrest families.

The agents of the Texan city of Weslaco found a group of 96 undocumented immigrants, among whom there were several families, although the CBP did not specify their exact number, nor of “unaccompanied children” from Central America.

A day earlier, south of Granjeno (Texas), they found another group of 64 people with the same characteristics, in which at least one woman, who was traveling with her two-year-old daughter, needed health care for dehydration.

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