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The 7 Best Tips for First Year of College Student Survival

First Year of College: Moving from college to college to pursue higher education can be a complicated transition for students: new friendships, more study volume, more responsibilities, broad social life, change of routine and; for some, even city.

7 Best Tips for First Year of College Student Survival

It is clear that, despite having chosen the career that most closely matches your interests, the first university course can become a real disaster if you do not plan well the times. And, the exams are concentrated in a few days and leaving everything for the last minute is no longer an option …

first year of college

Do not worry! There is time for everything and you just need a bit of organization to pass all the subjects while still enjoying your university time.

7 keys to survive your first career course

In this sense, we offer you a series of guidelines to help you combine study with leisure time and that your First Year of College of Faculty is a success:

1. Become familiar with your campus

If you do not want to lose yourself … know your campus! Take a tour of the university, explore your faculty and explore all the facilities . In this way, you will quickly know where each subject is taught and where you will spend your next years as a student.

Knowing the environment and the neighboring faculties will also allow you to quickly identify the best coffee shops and find out about different activities outside the classroom.

2. Adopt your own discipline

It is true that university education is more flexible in terms of hours and assistance. Of course, that freedom does not get out of hand … Come to class regularly and participatory. It will help you when internalising concepts and studying subjects . Little by little you will learn to be more responsible.

Ask your questions and go to the tutorials if necessary. Sometimes it is key to approve …

3. Relationship

Socialize with your classmates will not only facilitate study, but will provide a new group of friends throughout your college career. The first few days try to keep your shyness and engage in conversation … you’ll end up connecting with the people closest to you!

To sign up for any activity or sports team at the university will also help you meet people with your same tastes.

4. Manage your money

The responsibilities increase with the years and, during the university period, one of them is to administer your own money. Make sure you buy the most suitable transport ticket for your needs, as well as set aside the necessary money either for the university cafeteria or to prepare your own dishes. Once you have covered your essential expenses, have your money for the leisure plans . This way you will avoid unforeseen events and that call of help to your parents …

5. Check the online campus

All the universities have a virtual platform in which to consult your file, the exam calendar, the dates of delivery, content of support, announcements of the teaching staff … Do not forget to access on a regular basis to be up-to-date on everything.

And in the case that you do not have the complete agenda, try to ask for what you lack before your time comes. Belonging to social network groups is often very useful for this kind of thing.

6. Plan the study

The new university degrees require greater deliveries of work, exhibitions and complementary practices. Therefore, try to take everything to the day so that at the end of each semester you only have to worry about studying each exam.

Are you studying in your room or do you prefer the library? In any case, organize the study times for each subject and make yourself a calendar.

7. Be positive and … enjoy!

Do not panic if you fail a subject! You may need more effort or restructuring your planning for the next course, but mistakes are learned … Keep calm and an optimistic attitude and you will see how your results come back.

Not everything will be studying and studying … Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of the university environment of your city and your new friendships. There is time for everything! Now that you know all you have to do to get through your first university course, what are you waiting for to get the most out of this stage of your life?

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