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A Generous Farmer Save the Lives of Hundreds of Cows

Save the LivesA generous farmer carries a tanker to save the lives of hundreds of cows. The drought has made it extremely difficult for Australian farmers to feed and water livestock. Therefore, a man made a long journey to bring water to the cattle.

A farmer from New South Wales, Australia, traveled for more than an hour to bring water to over a thousand cows in the region due to the extreme drought, one of the worst in years.

Video: Farmer Save the Lives of Cows

A drone caught the moment the thirsty cows gather around the truck carrying the water supply.

A kind gesture that undoubtedly saved the lives of those cows.

The dry climate is expected to last about three more months.

As kangaroos steal the little food that cows get, the state government has softened the rules that limit the number of kangaroos that farmers are allowed to shoot.

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