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FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Live Streaming Scores & Highlights

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FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Live Streaming Scores & Highlights: The Argentine directs a cruel win over Huesca, who went ahead with Cucho’s goal and woke the beast. Barca, leader thanks to the ‘goal average’.

FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Live Streaming Scores & Highlights

FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Highlights

FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Highlights

FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Highlights: Barcelona performed brilliantly with the goal of reaching the first stop of the league with the goal of conquering the nine points at stake and also leave a good taste in mouth to their fans after beating 8-2 at Huesca in a game in the that Messi passed it to him pipe directing the operations of a tremendous team in attack and very biscuit in defense during the first part. Those of Valverde faces the Liguero parenthesis as leaders of the table thanks to the beating that Huesca took on his first visit to the Camp Nou. Duties more than completed for Valverde.FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Highlights

Huesca never knows if his great staging on the day of his debut at the Camp Nou made life easier or complicated it because by marking as soon removed Barca from the drowsiness with which the match began and dissipated any attempt of despising the Aragonese team despite the warnings of Valverde in the previous. At three minutes, the Huesca pulled the ball played from their area without a bad kick to the front, was overcoming the lines of pressure, to call them in some way, the Barcelona to be planted in the very small area of Ter Stegen, where Longo the He unloaded for Cucho Hernández to mark the first goal of the season for Barça.

The goal made it very clear that Huesca arrived at the Camp Nou without any complex and with a lot of football and that in the defense of Barcelona Pique, Umtiti and Sergi Roberto had started the League’s break without waiting for the end of the game. In front of so much backwardness, the old man had to appear to put the batteries to his companions and, incidentally, intimidate the Huesca.

Messi began to carburize, the Aragonese team was dwarfed by the pace that the Argentine enjoyed on the field. After an occasion in which Suarez focused instead of kicking goal, Messi left sitting in a span of land to Luisinho, who went to the floor of ass in the purest Boateng style before the 10th match the game.

With Barça already at cruising speed, an inning from Alba to Messi’s pass (yes, again the usual pass that no one can deactivate) ended up in the boot of Pulido, which in the attempt that Messi did not score the second introduced the ball in his goal. It seemed that Huesca’s self-confidence was over, especially because after the second goal Dembélé fired at the crossbar and Werner avoided Piqué’s goal before, on another ride, Alba served the third goal to Suarez while sending a message to the new selector that would culminate with the seventh goal. After revision of the VAR, it was seen that the Uruguayan goal was legal.

But with the 3-1, the laziness of the Blaugrana behind took control and another tribute to the nap perpetrated by Umtiti, Piqué, and Sergi Roberto enabled Gallar to take oil out of a seemingly harmless play and score the 3-2 that returned to put Huesca in the game before the break. But Barcelona did not give the Aragonese option to get back on their beards and in fifteen minutes he crushed Franco’s side with goals from Dembele, Rakitic and Messi. With the 6-2 and a half-hour ahead, the visiting coach decided to protect his goal and give up heroics as Barça lowered the piston and Valverde introduced the new players into the fieldLenglet, Vidal and Arthur before Alba scored the seventh and Suarez closed the penalty beating.

FC Barcelona VS SD Huesca Live Highlights

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