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Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day: Lot’s of People have a Question in their Mind about Labor Day that Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? , So Here we share Ans of Your Question and More Details Related Labor Day.

Labor Day held on first Monday in September. It’s a significant day of excellence for the workers. Also, it remarks a well-known festival which prefers the back-to-school time. It was renowned since 1894. America was at the peak of Industrial activities in the 19th century.

Still, Americans were working 12 hours every week, on the other hand, to fulfill the needs only just. Without any law, child labor system was uncontrolled and workers have struggled with hazardous working situations. They had no admittance for hygienic capacities and medical attention.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day
Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day

Labors motorized the industrial environments and unification grown to be stronger and loud about the requirement of the workers. They systematized strikes and gatherings for improved working conditions. 10000 workers manacled from City “Hall to Union Square in New York City in September in 1882.   It was the first witness of Labor Day Parade in U.S history. The Congress marked the “workingmen’s holiday” as an official public holiday in 1884.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day In America?

Peter J. McGuire, co-founder of the American Federation of Labor while other considers Matthew Maguire, secretary of the co-founder of the American federation suggested the Labor Day at first. Nowadays, Labor Day enjoyed around the nations along with family, parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks etc.

It’s a sign of the end of summer which points similarly back-to-school time and new academic year. Labor Day rejoiced in Canada on the first Monday of September as well. Workers enjoy this significant day with picnics, festivals, fairs, gatherings, etc.

But as you recognize that Labor Day committed on the 1st May globally which termed as International Labor Day. Labor Day is called Primero de Mayo and it’s an important public holiday for the Mexicans.

Labor Day is known as May Day or Eight Hours Day in Australia. Even though it’s a local holiday but the date is different for various states and locals.

Whilst Labor Day turned into a national holiday; high cultured society ladies treated it like an ending summer sale (trend).  Women’s magazines persuaded middle-class ladies to take part in buying white clothing which introduced for Memorial Day and pack away on the Labor Day. So Now You Understand Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day in America.

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