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Venom Tom Hardy Signs for Three Venom Films 2018

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Venom Tom Hardy: Tom Hardy, who is about to star in Eddie Brock in the movie ‘Venom’, has confirmed that he has signed a contract with Sony to play the character in a total of three films.

Venom Tom Hardy Signs for Three Venom Films

venom tom hardy
venom tom hardy

Here we leave Venom Tom Hardy‘s Statements for an Interview with Total Three Films in a Magazine:

  • “I’m open for anything you want to do. We have signed for three movies with them. We will be attentive to the response of the public “
  • “I think he’s an incredible character. I love playing both characters. For now, you will see an appetizer, prior to the Venom-verse you have in mind to launch Sony. We have all prepared ourselves to be an independent universe. Therefore, anything that Sony wants to add later, will be a point of support. But let’s see what happens when the movie is released.”

Although the director of ‘Venom’Ruben Fleischer, already has plans for possible sequels, the agreement of three films is subject to change depending on how things develop.

According to the Director’s Statements:

  • “We are definitely thinking of this world as a great evolving universe, and we want it to have the option of going in different directions.”
  • “The movie is about Venom, so we’re focused on that. First, we will introduce Eddie and Venom. And then, where will it take us? We will have to see …”

When it comes to modern superhero movies that could potentially spawn franchises, a leading actor who signs for at least a three-movie deal is a fairly common practice. It is still unclear if there will be a sequel to ‘Venom’ or if Eddie Brock will appear in a different movie from Sony / Marvel. However, whatever the case, this agreement suggests that we will see Venom Tom Hardy put on the symbiote again if ‘Venom’ is the success that Sony expects.

That said, regardless of whether or not we’ll see Venom Tom Hardy return as Venom, the tentative name of Sony’s Spider-Verse begins to take shape. After the release of Venom Full Movie in October, the animated film ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ will hit theaters in December. In addition, the adjacent characters of Spider-ManBlack PantherSilver SableSilk, and Morbius will also have their own solo films.

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