The 8 Perfect Toys and Games for 2-Year-Old Baby

Perfect Toys and Games for 2-Year-Old Baby: Games for 2-Year-Old: At two years old, children already master their own bodies and can control their emotions much better. The following Games for 2-Year-Old are perfect for this age.

Perfect Toys and Games for 2-Year-Old Baby

Development and Stimulation of the 2-Year-Old Child. What do we play? The stage from two to three years is a phase of seeking autonomy. Children’s psychomotor skills take a giant leap, and their socialization too: they need contact with other children.

Toys and Games for 2 Year Old Baby

In addition, it is a stage of self-affirmation: ‘I’ and ‘mine ‘ become two of your favorite words.

What is a 2 Year Old Able to Do?

In children between two and three years of age, no fixed norm determines which month their skills will be activated. Each child has its own rhythm and reaches its development milestones in its path. With the same age, a child can climb to the top of the park’s castle while another needs the help of an adult, and the evolution of both is completely normal.

In General, a 2-Year-Old Child :

  • Go and run without help.
  • He is able to attend to other stimuli while walking.
  • Open doors.
  • Drag toys while walking and can hold several toys while on the move.
  • He knows how to climb furniture.
  • Enjoy imitating adults.
  • Eat alone, even if it gets a little dirty.
  • Turn a container to take out what is inside.
  • You can jump: to the lame leg, with your feet together, taking short and long steps.
  • Pass the pages of a book.
  • Paint scribbles and lines with chalk or wax.
  • Make several cube towers and join them online if we explain how to do it.
  • Learn by trial-error or random scoring.
  • It uses its own name and the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘mine.’
  • Respond to simple commands, and you can have a conversation about what happens around you.
  • He is able to maintain attention for a few minutes.
  • Play alone or with other children.

If our child does not say more than a couple of words, is not able to draw a circle, falls frequently, or has difficulty going up and down the stairs, it is best to visit the pediatrician to determine if there is a developmental problem.

Learning in the 2-Year-Old Child

The child observes what surrounds him and compares, classifies, and analyzes. Thus progressively establishes relationships and categories (high-low, big-small, many-few).

The routines and repetition of activities and sequences are critical at this stage. They allow you to discover concepts as before and then differentiate times of the day and feel safe, something essential for you to gain autonomy.

He wants to be independent, but he is often frustrated because he does not master many skills that he is already beginning to savor. The tantrums reach about two years its peak.

How to stimulate the 2-year-old child

Children learn by playing. The game allows the child to make his own decisions -plan, build, etc.- In addition to developing his creativity, playing allows him to experience the feeling of mastery. In the game, they practice new skills, discover the properties of everyday objects, relate to others.

His vocabulary is experiencing great advances in this age: we must talk with them while we go for a walk, when we see new things, in our daily activities -at the time of lunch, when making dinner.

After two years, children pass from the game in parallel to share Games for 2-Year-Old with other children. They need opportunities to interact with other children, although they will not want to share their toys yet, nor can they obey the rules of a game yet.

Toys for Games for 2-Year-Old

Games that allow you to order materials logically and classify objects love them and come in handy at this stage. Learn children’s songs or poems; listen to music and dance; play with water and sand, jump and run; the games of imitation and the first symbolic games play to imitate the characters in their stories, take care of the dolls-; games that stimulate your senses (what does this smell like, is this fruit sweet or salty?); Observation games, such as “I see” or memory games with cards.

The toys indicated at two years: their first construction games, assemble pieces games, play dough, dominoes, interactive musical toys, dolls, pushing Games for 2 Year Old or paintings.

They love illustrated books: when we read them stories, they improve their verbal expression and their ability to listen. We can not forget to read the bedtime story.

The two years is the stage of imitation. The games focus on the daily activities of adults. They spend hours cleaning, feeding the dolls, scolding their babies.

1. Play with your imagination

A box can be a house, an armchair, a boat, and the sea, the floor that Mama is scrubbing.

2. It stimulates your coordination

Play to throw a ball through the air, to kick the ball. This will improve your ability.

3. Work your fine motor

Making necklaces with macaroni or large beads improves your fine motor skills. Always under your control because you also like to explore your body, and the accounts may end up in your nose or mouth.

4. Stimulates your sense of balance

Move around the house imitating movements: walk on tiptoe, with your heels, moving your arms like wings, jumping, etc.

5. Help him develop his observation skills

Finding objects of a certain color is a good game for long trips or waits.

6. Teach her to love books

Read her stories daily. It is advisable that you fix an hour of the day so that it becomes a pleasant ritual.

7. Encourage him to imitate

Ask him to prepare the food, to help you dress the babies, and incite him little by little to develop more activities: “now let’s go to the doctor: you look at me and cure me.”

8. Teach him to play with other children

Taking her to the park, motivating her to play with other children, respecting her toys, and sharing her own are simple tasks that allow her to grow.

Toys for 2-Year-Old Baby this age:

  • Tricycles,
  • Hard plastic animals,
  • Houses,
  • Buildings,
  • Imitation toys,
  • Fittings,
  • Stories