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Police Rescue Man Being Chased by a Baby Squirrel

a Baby Squirrel

Actually, A Baby Squirrel Needed to Be Rescued

The emergency services received a call for help: a man was being chased by a baby squirrel, he was desperate and did not know what to do. The police came and this was what he found.

The German police were in response to the call of that man. What appeared to be an emergency for the man was entertaining and funny for the police, who intervened nicely.

The chase ended when the squirrel, after getting completely tired, fell asleep.

Was the squirrel really chasing the man? “It often happens that the squirrels that have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus on one person,” said Christina Krenz, a police spokeswoman according to The Guardian.

a Baby Squirrel


” The animals could be very persistent, not only running after someone but totally obsessed with them. It can be scary. The man did not know what to do and then he called the police. Actually, he felt a little threatened, “he added.

The squirrel was called Karl-Friedrich by the police and was then taken to an animal rescue center.

A similar case occurred in London where a woman called the police after she heard loud noises at home and thought he was a thief, but it was a squirrel.


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