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15 Proofe That ‘LAZY’ People Are the Most ‘INGENIOUS’ in the World

EarlyinTime.com shares with you the new creations of people who did not want to make any effort and again showed that laziness impels progress.

The “Hairy” Control. if It Breaks Down, Feed It!

A Compact Christmas Tree. Cheap and Without Needles!

Remote Control Swing

When You Want to See a Concert but You Feel Lazy to Stand

Smokeless Grill

Straw “Cinephilia”: When You Can Not Lose a Second of the Movie!

Straw “Gamer”

Trash Tube. Why Strive for a Couple of Papers?

Drill Screwdriver for Winding Worsted

Floor Scale “No Batteries, No Problems”. Because I Weigh What I Want!.

A Multifunctional Deckchair. Because When You’re on Vacation You Should Rest!

When you are lazy to wash the dishes, but you do not want to see them in the sink

Support for smartphone. Why strain the hands?

Electronic customer service assistant. Google knows everything!

When you buy a new shirt that fits you fantastic

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